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Friday, January 15th, 2010

Last Saturday Fiona, Brendan and I had a museum outing.  We haven’t previously take much advantage of the museums around here, which is a shame.  During the summer they are chaotic, but if you go at off-times of the year they can be fantastic for kids.

We took the metro into DC and walked in some very cold, blustery conditions over to Air and Space.  Both kids loved seeing real airplanes and real spaceships all over the place.  We watched an IMAX movie about the international space station which was fun.  Some footage of rockets blasting off was a bit loud and scary, but there was great footage, interesting stories and incredible shots of the earth from orbit.  We saw the original Wright brothers plane, which to my surprise the kids were duely impressed with.  On the way out we noticed a small stand near the entrance with a piece of moon rock mounted on it that you could touch.  “You touched a piece of the moon!” I exclaimed to F and B and they were quite excited.

Afterwards we treked over to Natural History to look at dinosaur fossils.  That of course was much fun and the kids identified the type of dinosaur for several of the fossils.  We watched another 3D IMAX movie, this one about the huge dinosaurs that roamed Patagonia.  Much of the movie was animated scenes of these dinosaurs.  Fiona would lean out on the edge of her seat and extend her hand seeing if she could touch the baby dinosaurs and such that seemed so close with the 3D glasses on.  On the way out we swung by the Hope Diamond, which none of the three of us was very impressed with.  It’s pretty, but not nearly as large as I expected.

It goes without saying that we hit the gift shops at both museums.  At Air and Space Fiona got an Air and Space patch that we’ll put on her backpack and B got a toy plane.  We also picked up some glowing stick-on-the-ceiling stars for their room.  Oh yes, and some gummi space shuttles.  At Natural History Fiona got a baby fox stuffed animal and B got safari truck.

We were tired and pressed for time to get ready for an event that evening, so Heather drove into town with Julia and extracted us.

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Friday, January 15th, 2010

Hmmmm…. it has been a while since I posted.  I think that’s an indication of and result of the craziness that is life with three young kids.

Fiona lost her a tooth for the 2nd time yesterday.  She actually has one or two adult teeth coming in too.  She put the tooth under her pillow last night.  Fortunately, the tooth fairy remembered to visit even though he was out until about 1am and was tired and the tooth fairy’s spouse (who is keeper of the fairy presents) was sound asleep.  Fiona reports that the Fairy left her a little velvet bag containing:

  • a bicentennial quarter
  • a Virginia quarter
  • a new penny with Lincoln sitting on a log on the obverse
  • a canadian penny
  • a wheat penny
  • 2 gold statue of liberty dollar coins

The tooth fairy’s spouse (really more of a tooth co-fairy) had the fantastic idea of leaving Fiona special coins and trinkets instead of a set amount of money.  This works great for Fiona because treasures excite her much more than money.  Also, it keeps us out of the whole “How much money does the tooth fairy give at your house?” debate.

Word on the street is that the fairies set aside an Indiana quarter last night because the know that Brendan will be very excited to get a coin with a race car on it when it’s his time.