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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

My buddy Drew is a big Washington Capitals hockey fan and has season tickets.  He had a few extra tickets for the game last night and offered them to me earlier this week.  I haven’t seen a hockey game since the Caps moved to the Verizon Center downtown several years ago, and I thought the kids would enjoy all the sights and sounds, so I excitedly accepted Drew’s offer.

However, the kids’ initial reactions to the plan were not what I anticipated.  Fiona was dead-set against the idea.  She wanted to do anything else but go to the game, regardless of how I tried to entice or bribe her.  Brendan on the other hand was pretty excited.  Eventually I convinced Fiona that it would be fun, though Brendan had a last minute change of heart and had to be carried screaming to the car.  By the time we parked at the metro stop moods had improved and excitement had started to set in.  Brendan stepped out of the car without shoes or coat in the 40 degree weather to run and catch up with Fiona and I who were heading to the ATM.

This was Fiona’s first time on the metro where I gave her her own ticket rather than carried her.  I think using the metro ticket reader/gate was her favorite part of the evening.  Seriously.  The kids were great on the metro.  I was surprised at how easy it is to get from our place to the Verizon Center – the trip did not take long, no switchovers to other lines, and the metro exit is right next door to the arena.

Our seats were way up near the top in one corner.  Perfect for the kids.  Lots of other folks in those sections had kids along too.  Toughest thing is keeping the kiddies from kicking the people in the seats in front of them.  Kid legs aren’t long enough for their knees to reach beyond the front edge of the seat, so if they sit back in the seat their legs stick straight out.  If they scootch up in the seat so they can bend their knees then it’s just too tempting to swing their legs and inevitably kick the person in front of them in the head.  This happened several times.  (And the jerk sitting in front of Brendan was none too gracious about it, despite the fact he was toting along a couple youngsters of his own.)

Eventually we figured out that sitting crossed-legged (which Fiona calls criss-cross-applesauce) was the best solution.  Though when poor B attempted this the chair pretty much folder up on him :-)

We got to the game a few minutes into the first period and the kids actually lasted longer than I thought.  B got pretty tired near end of 2nd period so he and Heather headed out.  Fiona didn’t want to leave yet so she and I watched until almost the end of the 3rd period.  We metrod to King St. station then walked the mile or so home down Commonwealth Ave. from there.  It was a fun walk despite our tiredness, I carried her a bit of the way on my shoulders.  She likes to hear stories of when I was young or of when the dogs were younger so I regaled her with several of those.

Overall it was a far more successful evening than I would have thought given kiddie attention spans and so forth.  I’ll probably try to get Fiona to another game soon, maybe with B too.