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Roosevelt Island Photos

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Are up on my zenfolio site.

Roosevelt and Madagascar

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

This morning I packaged up the kiddies in their winter coats and trekked over to Roosevelt Island. Brendan was afraid of falling off the bridge today for reasons unknown (to me at least.) After a fall and hurt knee I agreed to carry him across. Oooph, he’s heavy. This with a camera slung over one shoulder and a backpack on the other. We said a fleeting hello to the ducks as we scurried across the bridge, the wind was fiercely cold.
Instead of heading straight for the plaza we took a short sortie to check out one of the other paths. There was a 3 foot section of a tree that had fallen and was sitting up so you could check out the rings. A little sign explained the basics of counting the rings and pointed out the brass nails in this particular log that were spaced at 5-year intervals to help in the counting. This specimen dated to about 70 years ago if my nail-counting skills are up to snuff. Fiona was very impressed when I explained that this was older than her grandparents, then even more awed when I mentioned that her two great-grandfathers were older than this huge log.
Brendan was less impressed with the log but did enjoy the huge fallen leaves from some of the trees.
We ambled over to the plaza where we engaged in the usual running around (the kids) and strolling aimlessly (me.) I think I grabbed a few good photos and hope to have them up tonight maybe.
After a trip to the opticians to straighten F’s glasses and a quick lunch at the bagel shop we needed something 1) less cold and 2) more restful for our next adventure of the day. So we directed The Castle (ie, the minivan) toward the theater and got tickets for Madagascar 2. All three of us enjoyed the movie, though I think a couple scary shark moments might be replayed in 3 year-old nightmares tonight.


Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

One of Fiona’s best friends, Caroline, started kindergarten this year so they don’t see each other every day. The last couple months we’ve been alternating visits on Tuesdays – one week Fiona goes to their house for the afternoon and evening, the next week Caroline and her big brother Peter come to our place. I work from home on Tuesdays and their father, Kurt, is home too so this works out great.

Yesterday we were host. Peter couldn’t come over due to a dentist appointment but Caroline and Fiona had a great time playing with paper dolls, dressing up, painting, etc. Prior to dinner I helped the two girls and Brendan make chocolate cupcakes, which I baked during dinner. While the kids were eating I frosted the cupcakes so the kids would have ready canvases for their sprinkle creations. Red, green and rainbox sprinkles were applied with abandon across cupcakes, countertops, clothing and the floor.

We also hosted Kadee (gah – I hope I’m spelling her name right), Eric and Rhonda’s baby girl. From her baby-chair perch on the dining room table she contentedly supervised the older girls’ painting and so forth. It was fun to have four kids running around. Not necessarily something I’d want to cope with on a daily basis however. Predictably the situation deteriorated not long after Caroline left for home. Kadee got hungry and unhappy, Fiona tripped down the stairs and hurt her back, Brendan fell flat on his back while getting his pj’s on and bonked his head on the floor, Fiona went into crying fit because she didn’t want Kadee to leave, etc.

Edit: I was wrong – Keady (I think)

This seems to be further proof that life is a zero-sum game with regard to joy and misery. I think the trick is to push those to the extremes that you’re comfortable with. I’ll have to think about that over a beer sometime.