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Camping in the Rain

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Saturday was a beautiful day and I had been promising Fiona that we would go camping in the backyard, so out came the ginormous tent.  Last year Fiona and I camped out several times in the yard but this was Brendan’s first tent experience.

Let me describe this tent.  Heather and I added this to our gift registery when we got married and my Uncle Joe and Aunt Grayce came through for us.  The thing is huge.  I can easily stand up in the center with room to spare.  It actually includes a sheet of nylon you can hang down the center to make two separate rooms out of it.  It stores in its own duffel bag and weighs about 50 pounds.  This is quite definitely a camping tent and not a hiking tent.

I should also explain that I embelish the typical camping experience with various snacks and goodies to help excite the kiddies about camping.  A bag of Oreos, Snackables for dinner, maybe a lifesaver or two.  Just enough to attract 2 and 4 year old attentions.

The evening was great.  We ate.  We read The Little Engine That Could.  We got cozy in the sleeping bags.  Both kids had been up very late the night before and Fiona fell asleep very quickly.  Brendan however had just woken from a nap and didn’t settle for quite a while, much to my tired chagrin.

We got some pretty serious rain during the night but the tent didn’t leak too much and the kiddies slept soundly enough to not freak out.  In the morning I carried one in each arm through the light rain back to the house.  (After having an Oreo or two for breakfast, of course.)

Now it’s Tuesday and the yard and tent still haven’t dried out.  Might be another week before things dry out enough to put away the tent.  Maybe we’ll even get in another night of camping before that happens.