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Brendan’s Bed

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

After a few months of discussion, we finally retired Brendan’s crib and installed a full sized bed of his own this afternoon. He meandered upstairs while I was dismantling the crib this afternoon and was a bit disconcerted that his bed (crib) was broken (lying in pieces.) I explained to him that he was getting a new bed and that seemed to satisfy him for the time, but I don’t think he understood that it wasn’t going to be just another crib.

Fiona enthused that we shouldn’t just throw it away, we should instead find someone else who needs a crib. I was so proud of her at that moment :-) Seems that some of those lessons we try to instill do actually take root in that amazing four year old mind. Anyway, I explained that we were going to keep the crib in case we needed it again, by which I meant in case we have a third child. Her immediate reply was something like “Ya, like when I grow up and have a baby.” She is pretty adamant that she’s always going to live with us in this house even after she grows up, and she reminded me of this fact again at this point.

Eventually the crib was removed and the new mattress and box springs installed. Heather returned home from work and we threw sheets on the bed before brining Brendan up to see his new bed. He was hilarious. Many exultations of “my bed!” as he and Fiona bounced up and down with glee, oblivious to their parents’ admonitions about jumping on the bed.

I headed out to Target for some new pillows, mattress pads, etc. (Any parent will recognize this as a transparent excuse for getting out of the house for a bit.) My defenses were no match for the marketing might of Big Media, and I was seduced by the Lighting McQueen bredspread for Brendan. I formulated some quick rationale about making him excited about going to bed and threw it in the cart. Of course coming home with something like that for one and not both children is a recipe for domestic disaster, so Lightning was quickly followed by Dora and Boots for Fiona’s bed. On a roll, I threw in a string of decorative Cars lights to match B’s new bedspread. (Fiona already has her stars and moon lights, B needed something, the dark is still very scary.)

Upon returning home I immediately fessed up to Heather and offered to return the indulgent items if she thought it best. She winced a bit at the non-matchingness of the whole affair but in the end acquiesced knowing how thrilled both kids would be. Our expectations were fully realized with much more exclaiming and bouncing on the beds by both kids.

A bit later I took Brendan up and started putting him to bed. I laid there a while with him while he one by one brought all his favorite toys into the new bed to snuggle with. Many of these beloved toys were of a decidedly non-snuggly nature, such as metal airplanes and big plastic trucks. This of course matters not in the least to a two year old. The possessiveness of kids that age was evident as I was told quite emphatically to “Get out my bed!” on several occasions. Within a minute each of these was followed by a “Come snuggle me Daddy!” With help from a juice sippy I finally coaxed him into lying still on his bed, drinking his juice and staring at the Cars lights draped across the top of his mirror. After hailing Daddy a couple more times he eventually fell asleep by himself curled up with his toys in the new bed.