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I’m to little! I’m too little!

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

I was chasing Brendan around the house last week in typical Tickle Monster fashion. Over his shoulder he started yelling repeatedly as he fled “Don’t get me, I’m too little!” I almost fell over laughing. This has become his plea of last resort when getting chased/tickled/whatevered now, with “get” replaced by whatever current activity he’s trying to escape.

Christmas Photos

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Lots of Christmas photos up on smugmug:

Planes, trains and subarus

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Sunday afternoon Brendan and I went on an adventure. He had been talking about trains all day, so we drove down to King St. metro station and hopped on the first northbound train. Of course going up the escalator at the station was very exciting – Brendan’s very good at letting me hold his cars so he has one hand free for Daddy and the other one free for the handrail (which he can just barely reach with his fingertips.) The first train to come was southbound and Brendan was a bit distraught that we didn’t get on that one. But he was quickly restored to better spirits once we stepped on our train.  Watching the world pass by the window was exciting enough, but going in a train through a tunnel was just the ultimate.

We disembarked at National Airport and once again enjoyed a lovely escalator ride.  Standing still on the moving sidewalk but still moving brought a big grin.  We treated ourselves to a bag of M&M’s and settled into a seat to enjoy our snack while watching some planes and service vehicles.

The return ride was just as fun.  Until we left the station and started walking to the car, that is.  At some point as we were approaching the car Brendan realized that we weren’t getting on another train this time.  He objected mightily and engaged in a bit of a wrestling match while I got him into his car seat.  The afternoon was looking to take a downward turn until I pointed out a big blue bus in the parking lot and we saw another train come into the station.  This proved distraction/entertainment enough to avoid further meltdown.