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Grapes and Birthdays!

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

We packed up kids and dogs and trekked to Ohio this weekend for the Grape JAMboree. Saturday morning we setup camp in front of and inside Dad’s office (as always) which is prime viewing territory for the parade. Fiona loved the parade, especially the bands and the dancing corps with girls her age in fancy costumes. Her favorite aspect though was definitely the people passing out candy.

Surprisingly Brendan was really into the parade too. He was pretty intrigued by all the goings-on. The best part was whenever music was playing he’d dance in his own special way and wave his arms out to his sides.

Food was of course excellent carnival quality fare. My perennial favorite is the purple cow (grape juice and vanilla ice cream) sold by one of the local churches. Brendan enjoyed an elephant ear and also helped me out with a purple cow. I don’t think Fiona ate anything but candy.

Heather, Grandpa Mallone and I sneaked away after the parade for salisbury steak lunch (jamboree tradition) at the methodist church. Spent a long time there listening to some great WWII stories from Grandpa. A lot of partial stories and anecdotes I’d heard over the years got tied together. I hope I get myself to commit these to paper or electrons before I forget.

Saturday evening was a birthday celebration for Brendan at Mom & Dad Stevens place. Mom picked up a cake with a working Thomas the Train Engine toy that road around a small track on top of the cake. Though that was entertaining, especially to the three-year-olds, the best part was the smash cake.

This was my first exposure to smash cakes. Here’s the deal: you buy a nice cake to cut up and serve to people and you also get a smaller cake for the toddler to tear into. Brendan had a round, 10 inch or so diameter cake froster to look like the front of Thomas. He started by gingerly sticking his fingers into the frosting. This progressed to hands/face/chest covered with frosting and culminated with full fists of cake and frosting. The photo sequence will tell the story much better than I when I get them up.

We got to spend some great time with Mindy Jo and Alice which was great. (Manish couldn’t make it because of work.) For the first time Alice and played with me several times instead of just grimacing and crying for her mom :-)

Mom Stevens’ birthday is tomorrow. Fiona’s is coming up on Oct. 4th. Heather is 3 days later on the 7th. Manish’s bday is the 9th I think. Mom Callahan is in here somewhere too. Heather and my 5 year anniversary was a couple weeks ago. This is the big celebratory time of year for us.

Mom & Dad Stevens in Town

Friday, September 8th, 2006

So my mom and dad were in town a few days and just left this morning. I’m not sure who was more worn out at the end of each day – the kids or the grandparents. Yesterday was beautiful so they spent a good bit of the day at Founders Park running in the grass and watching boats and good stuff like that. I got lunch from Perfect Pita and met them for a while yesterday.

Dad has a new VW Passat sedan. Very nice. New cars have been on my mind lately. I’m wanting an Acura RDX pretty badly.

Sanzotta’s in DC

Friday, September 8th, 2006

So my cousin Mickey and his family moved into town a couple months ago. He’s recently retired from the Army and working in DC area now. His folks (my great uncle and great aunt) Tony and Jo Sanzotta came through town last week. We stopped over Saturday morning with a bunch of donuts to visit and see Mick and Cindy’s new place.

We had a great visit. Fiona loved playing with the dogs, Brendan played with everything, and the grown-ups had a few hours to catch up. Heather and Fiona enjoyed some quality time on their trampoline.