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Nemo Kite

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

I ordered one of these for Fiona yesterday. She loves kites. Went to the Kite Festival on the National Mall earlier this year and had a blast. Several Nemo kites there that she admired.

I told her about the kite and that the mailman was going to bring it in a few days. This morning we heard the garbage truck outside and she asked if they were bringing her kite. Later, when telling Salma about the kite she stated that the policemen were going to bring it :-) She seems pretty excited. So am I.

Brendan @ 10 months

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

Brendan was 10 months old on Saturday. I took him in to the pediatrician yesterday for a checkup. He’s a big guy, back up above 90th percentile on the 3 factors they track: height, weight and head circumference. Stats:

23 pounds 8 onces

31 inches tall

His hemoglobin count is a little low (meaning he’s anemic.) Common with kids this age according to the pediatrician. (Fiona had same thing at this age.) We need to give him some drops of an iron supplement a couple times a day for a month then have him rechecked.

Chicken and peas are two things he loves from the list of iron-rich foods they provided. Guess we’ll be stocking up on those. Apparently vitamin C helps with iron absorption so we’ll be picking up some vitamin C enriched juice for him too.

New Photos

Monday, July 24th, 2006

New photos up on smugmug:
Brigantine 2006

Baby Bird Adventure

Trip to Geneva

You know what I do…

Friday, July 21st, 2006

I am frequently heard saying this phrase around the house to Fiona:
“You know what I do to little girls who [X] don’t you? I TICKLE them!!”

followed by much fun tickling. X can be anything from “want more juice” to “don’t eat their dinner” to “take daddy’s spot on the couch”.

Well last night Fiona was playing on our bed with Heather and Brendan. I told her it was time to get ready for bed and she resisted as usual. This was roughly the conversation:

Me: You know what I do to little girls who don’t put on their pajamas, right?

Fiona: Hehehehehe


[Tickling ensues]

That’s nothing unusual. But this was new:

Fiona: You know what I do to daddies who tickle me?

Me: What? (Heather and I laughing uproariously)


[Fiona tickles me]

Sick Mommy, Yummy Brownie

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

Heather is sick today so I wrangled the kiddies this morning. Dropped Brendan off at Salma’s then came back to get Fiona and myself ready. I asked Fiona if she wanted to go get muffins at the coffee shop and she was very excited about the prospect of a black (chocolate) muffin. This was my blatant ploy to get her excited about leaving the house and maybe not freak out so much at being dropped off at school afterwards. We had a nice stroll there and she picked a purple flower for me.

Much to my horror, they were out of chocolate muffins. Putting to work the full force of my sleep-diminished Daddy problem-solving super powers I noticed the M&M brownies. Fiona was quite amenable to the menu substitution. I enjoyed a banana choco-chip muffin and we got a spiced chai to take home for Heather. Mmmmmm….good.

The preschool drop-off didn’t go too smoothly, but that’s par for the course now. Home to change shirt (too hot and muggy in DC) and get in to work before 11am. Walk straight to the kitchen to grab a Coke Zero. Ah… what a morning.

Changes, changes, changes

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Several changes:

1. Look, a post! About 10 months since last update. You might notice that the previous post mentioned the birth of a second child. These two facts are not unrelated, and one might go so far as to construe a causal relationship.

2. Photos have been moved to smugmug. Several reasons I won’t go into right now. New location is, but the old link should (I hope) redirect you there too.

3. Upgraded WordPress to a modern version. Other tech changes on the way too. Hoping to setup a youtube account so I can post some videos (smugmug supports videos, but not well.) Stay tuned.

4. Oh ya, this design sucks.  Should have a new one up hopefully.  If I find suitable initiative I’ll try to use the same theme on the smugmug site too.