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Bitter Brew

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005

For the last two presidential elections my dad and I have had the same wager. In both contests he favored the Republican and I the Democrat. I remember being on the phone with him when the 2000 results were coming in. At that point it looked like Gore was going to win and Florida hadn’t yet been switched to the Bush column. Neither of us was feeling very confident that our candidate was going to win and we were both feeling pessimistic about the future. So there on the phone we crafted this wager as a means of hedging our bets, so to speak. The person whose candidate won the election would have to buy a case of good beer for the other. Think of it as the victor consoling the loser with alcohol. The brand(s) of the beer is left to the purchaser, but it’s understood that it should be something interesting and worth drinking.

Unfortunately for me (and for our country I would argue) I’ve been the beer recipient twice now. Dad brought up the latest case of consolation beer for me this last weekend. It included some quality beers: a variety pack from Otter Creek and some Dead Guy Ale from Rogue. It also included something from Smuttynose that, while interesting, sortof sucks. I’ll pawn the smuttynose off on unsuspecting Republican guests at some point :-)

Moons and Basketballs

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005

Fiona is just a riot to be around nowadays. She knows a handful of words, but obviously understands an aweful lot of what’s being said around her. Her favorite thing in the word, with the possible exception of her mama, is the moon. We point to the moon a lot in books, and anytime we venture outside at night she scans the sky and gets very excited if she can find the moon.

The other object that provides endless excitement lately is the basketball that I tossed into our backyard at some point. Fiona jumps up and down with joy and points and says “BALL! BALL! BALL!” whenever you hold her up to one of the back windows now. I tossed it out of the shed the other day for Maple to play with, it looks now like it will be a while before I’m allowed to put it away.


Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005

Mom and Dad Stevens were up to visit for the weekend. They got in some quality playtime with Fiona, who is getting more and more fun every day. Saturday evening Heather and I met folks out at Tutto Bene in Arlington for Big Sue’s birthday dinner. It’s one of those little places that has so far managed to survive the invasion of apartment buildings and office towers in the Ballston area. Food was pretty good and so were the prices.