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Jaleo for Vim Bday

Friday, February 25th, 2005

Vim and Tom are staying with us for a few days while Vim has a conference down here. Last night we went to Jaleo in Crystal City last night to celebrate Vim’s bday. Rhonda and eric joined us. As always the food was great. Heather and I know too many things from the menu that we love already, so it’s great to have some Jaleo rookies along to order some new items for a change. Fiona had fun eating goldfish crackers and bread and switching from her highchair to the bench I was on every 2 minutes. After a while it became apparent that it was well past Fiona’s bedtime, so I took her home while the others stayed for another round of goodies.

Moon and Stars

Friday, February 25th, 2005

Wednesday evening I got around to finally putting up the moon and star lights that we got at Ikea over the weekend. One star light on both sides of the moon light, on the wall over her dresser. Once I was done I turned off the room light, turned on the moon & stars and went to grab Heather and Fiona. I carried Fiona into her room with my hand over her eyes for the big reveal. Her reaction was priceless. Her eyes opened wide, her mouth opened wide and she was just silent for a brief moment. Then commenced a lot of pointing and “OH!”s and “MOON!” and “STAH!” (apparently the r sound is a little tough.)

Before we started the bedtime routine that night I turned off the moon and one of the stars. I figured I’d leave one of them on as a night light and see how it went. But when we walked into the room for the bedtime bottle and books she pointed emphatically at the turned-off lights and exclaimed “Uh-Oh!” So the moon and other star got turned back on pretty quickly (I’m a soft touch sometimes.) Storytime didn’t go as smoothly as usual, instead of paying attention to the books she spent the whole time staring up at the lights as I read. Fortunately she was tired and fell asleep despite the distraction. I left one of the star lights on and she slept through the night.

So it’s a couple days later at this point and the novelty of the lights hasn’t diminished any. She will let me turn them off at bedtime now, but not before we wave and say “bye bye” to each one individually.

We still have the mobile from Ikea to hang, maybe this weekend.


Monday, February 21st, 2005

Saturday afternoon Mom, Dad, Fiona and I drove down to Ikea. I hadn’t been in a few years and they’ve added several more kid-friendly attractions since then. (Or maybe I’m just noticing them now that I have a child.) Fiona isn’t big enough to go in the big playroom with the older kids. However, there is a special rubber-ball playarea just for little kids. Think of a 10 foot by 10 foot sandbox filled about a foot deep with light rubber balls the size of baseballs. Fiona was pretty uncertain about the whole thing when we first set her in it, but after a while she was having fun throwing balls and sprawling on them.

Around the corner from the ball pit is the kiddie furniture and toy area. This is basically an amusement park for kids her age. She went down the slide several times and had a great time rocking on the little rocking reindeers. She also had fun climbing up onto the chairs and benches and sitting at the different kiddie-sized tables. They also have a little castle she could crawl into and look out the windows at us. I think we could have spent hours there without her getting bored.

Fiona got a table, chairs and stools to play at. Grandma and Grandpa S also got her a couple start-shaped lights and a moon-shaped light for her bedroom wall.

William Shean

Monday, February 21st, 2005

Tim and Sara hosted brunch for some folks on Sunday so Heather and I got to meet their son William for the first time. He’s not quite 2 months old I think. Lots of red hair. He’s the only boy baby so far in our group of friends, compared to 2 girls with a 3rd on the way. Someone commented on what a lucky guy he’s going to be with all these women around when he gets older, but it was also noted that that would be proceeded by many years where girls would be yucky and carry cooties.

The Sweetest Voice

Monday, February 21st, 2005

Fiona knows how to sing a tune now :-) Her repertoire consists of parts of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Bah Bah Black Sheep.’ No words yet of course, just the tune. I literally couldn’t believe it when I heard her yesterday, but apparently she had been doing it earlier that day too.

New Look

Friday, February 18th, 2005

I upgraded the site to the latest version of WordPress yesterday and switched us to the snazzy new default theme. Looks like everything is working for most part except the RSS feed. Hopefully I can get RSS working this weekend along with some other improvements to the site. One of the top things on my list is to integrate the photo albums into the same theme as the rest of the site. We’ll see how that goes :-)


Thursday, February 17th, 2005

So Fiona and I are reading Doggies before bedtime last night. The last few nights I’ve been trying to get her to repeat the numbers after me as we count the dogs on each page. “One doggie – can you say ‘one” Fiona? Two doggies, can you say ‘two’?….” Fiona is a good sport about it, even though most every number she says sounds like “two” for some reason :-)

Last night we get to 5 and I say “Fiona, can you say five?’. Upon hearing five though, instead of repeating the number, she lifts up her right hand and looks at me as if to say “Don’t leave me hanging man!” So i give her a high five and we continue on to six :-)

Valentines Day ???

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

Well, I think we hit an all-time low this year for observance of this contrived, gretting-card-industry contrived holiday. When Heather and I were dating I made my feelings on the matter pretty clear, but nonetheless we try to do a little something every year. Maybe a nice dinner out or something like that. (I try to get away with not buying a card just to spite Hallmark and the like, but it’s tough.)

This year Heather order Impromptu Gourmet and we were just going to have a nice dinner in. Unfortunately I went home from work sick early in the evening and the meal didn’t get delivered. (I was sleeping through dinner-time anyway still not feeling well.) Heather did make chocolate-covered strawberries which were delicious, so the day didn’t go by entirely unheeded :-) The strawberries were delicious.

We figure we’ll give it a second try this weekend when we have my folks in town to babysit. Maybe we’ll get all crazy and go see a movie or something.

Playtime for Parents

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

Mom C was in town over the weekend to visit while Dad C was down at the girls state basketball championships in Columbus. Fiona and she had a grand time playing, I don’t know which tired the other out more :-) I have to say that I’m very impressed at how well Mom C can keep up with Fiona for hours on end. She’s much better than either Heather or me in that respect.

Friday night we went to see the Georgetown Law School Gilbert and Sullivan Society put on “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Heather was in the GSS production of “How to Succeed in Business” several months ago, so she knows most of the people and wanted to go to say hi to all of them. The prospect of seeing stage shows (musicals, plays, whatever) rarely get s me excited, but I almost always end up enjoying them quite a bit. This one was very entertaining.

Mom and Dad S are coming into town next weekend (Presidents Day weekend.) What unparalleled luxury for Heather and me – to have babysitters in town two weekends in a row.

Puppy Bowl, Soup Bowl and Super(?) Bowl

Wednesday, February 9th, 2005

Busy weekend! Saturday Joe and Kristina came by for lunch. We’ve haven’t seen them much since they moved out to MD, so it was fun to hang and catchup. I made some black bean soup, five herb salad, cornbread and later some brownies. Fiona liked the brownies :-)

Sunday afternoot Wendy (I think) called to tell us about Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. What a riot! Puppies running around in a kennel shaped and decorated like a football stadium, umpires who would throw yellow flags and clean up puppy droppings, and a camera at the bottom of one of the water bowls. I could have watched for hours. The DVD is only $10, I might have to order it.

Later that evening Ryan, Jenn, Sue, Tim, Christine and Ateles came over for the Super Bowl. Tim made chili and Jenn brought a mac-n-cheese casserole. Sue brought cookies for dessert. Mmm good. Oh ya, I guess there was a football game on. Go Patriots! (or whoever is playing philly.)