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Friday, January 21st, 2005

Fiona learned to say No last week. She gets the general gist of the word, though maybe not some of the finer points of its usage yet. When she’s generally unhappy about any little thing she will run around the room saying “Nononononononononononono.” It’s pretty funny.

She also learned to say “Yeah” just a few days earlier to express approval or excitement.

Anytime we’ve outside, and sometimes inside, she’ll look up and try to find the moon. She’s a big fan of the moon. If we find it she’ll point and wave to the moon.

Last week was also the first time she has responded to “Can you say Daddy?” and “Can you say Mommy?” She surprised me one day when I asked and she shot right back with “Dada”. What a great feeling it is to hear that from your daughter :-)

Curtains and Bowling Balls

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Heather’s parents were up for the weekend. Heather and her mom did a lot of shopping for curtains, rugs, etc. Saturday Heather and I met up with Tim, Christine and Sue for a couple games of bowling. Heather and I didn’t want to go home yet when bowling was over, so we headed on over to the movie theater to see In Good Company which was amusing in a furmulaic hollywood-esque sort of way. I shouldn’t bad-mouth it too much, I enjoyed it.

New Years Cards

Wednesday, January 5th, 2005

For various reasons Heather and I prefer to send out New Years cards instead of Christmas cards. This year Heather created this great photo montage and we had postcards printed up. They didn’t arrive at our place until the week after Christmas and we finally got around to writing them up and addressing them last night with the help of a nice bottle of chardonnay. I’ll post the image next week after people get them in the mail.


Wednesday, January 5th, 2005

Busy busy busy. Christmas was a blur of driving, eating, gifts, and family. There was 2-3 feet of snow back in Ohio which made driving more interesting than usual. After a little practice Fiona got the hang of ripping wrapping paper off of packages and is now an unwrapping machine. This year was a little different because Dan, Cathy and Emily were on vacation in New Zealand – so Mom Stevens hosted dinner Christmas day for that side of the family.

Back in Virginia, New Year’s Eve was a laid back affair. We got some sandwiches and snacks from the store and just hung around the house. Jenn and Ryan stopped by for a while, and Tim and Christine managed to stay awake with us until midnight. Everyone was home and asleep by 12:30 I think. We’re getting old.

Speaking of old, my birthday was Monday. A bunch of folk joined us for dinner at Generous George’s then came back to the house for ice cream cake. Fiona loved walking around Generous George’s!