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Cirque du Soleil

Friday, October 8th, 2004

So for Heather’s birthday I got us tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil. The are putting on a travelling show called Varakei and were setup outside RFK stadium. I decided to buy the ridiculously priced VIP tickets rather than the just plain expensive normal tickets. Turns out the extra money was very well spent.

We drive up to RFK parking lot and follow signs for parking. When I mention to the parking attendant that we have the VIP package they usher us to a parking area right next to the tents. That’s nice, but no big deal. With the regular tickets you proceed through the entrance to a concession area and then into the main tent for the show. But, if you have the vip tickets they hang a special pass around your neck and usher you into a different tent. As soon as we step in there are people pushing wine and other drinks into our hands and directing us towards the hors d’oeuvre tables. Wow, nice. There were couches and tables setup along with some AV displays and (of course) a gift shop. People were walking around with trays of goodies and drinks flowed freely. Hey – I could get used to this.

Eventually it’s time for the show to start and we have great seats. It’s a small area, so there probably aren’t any bad seats in the whole place. However, we were about 3 feet from the stage which was just awesome. Now – I’m not a big fan of show-type entertainment in general. I’ve seen a few shows I enjoyed and I’ve seen a few that bored me. Heather on the other hand is into this type of thing, so I figured I’d enjoy it somewhat but that it was really a present for her. I was wrong. Wow – the show was amazing. The physical feats these athlete-dancer-entertainer people do are amazing. It’s hard to describe the show. It was sort of an elaborately choreographed circus with a vague theme running through it and a great soundtrack. That doesn’t really do it justice.

At the intermission we wandered back to the vip tent. The tables were now a spread of desserts and the drinks were back in our hands. I could really get used to this. We snacked and drank some until it was time to head out. At the exit of the tent there were folks who would poor your drink from your glass into a plastic cup so you could take it into the show. There were also folks passing out bags of popcorn and some other goodies to take back to the seats.

The rest of the show was fabulous just as the first part. On the way out we stopped by the vip tent again (no drinks or snacks – damn) but we picked up a few things from the gift shop.

No doubt we will try to go see them again next time they are in Washington. Seems like they come through with a traveling show every year or two. I think normal tickets were around $75/person and the vip tickets were somewhere between $150-$175/person. No doubt I’d pay extra for the vip tickets again either. No, the cost of the food and drinks certainly didn’t add up to the difference in the price of the tickets. However, the extra touches added up to a really special evening – one of the nicest nights out I can remember. We left with big smiles on our faces, recalling this and that part of the show and holding hands.

Pumpkins and Birthday

Wednesday, October 6th, 2004

Pictures from last weekend are up in the gallery. Saturday morning we went pumkin shopping then in the afternoon we took the wagon up and down Art on the Avenue. Monday was Fiona’s first birthday so we had cake, a balloon, flowers and presents.