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Jamboree and Birthday Pictures

Tuesday, September 28th, 2004

Pictures from last weekend’s Grape JAMboree and Fiona’s birthday extravaganza are online.

The weekend was wonderful. Fiona enjoyed the parade Saturday much more than we thought she would. The fiesta Saturday afternoon/evening and the Lodge was fabulous. Lots of friends and family around and great bbq and cake. Mom and Dad once again put in a lot of work to throw a very memorable shindig.

Birthday cake

Grapes and Birthdays

Friday, September 24th, 2004

This is Grape JAMboree weekend back in Geneva. We’re hitting the road after work for a weekend trip up there. I’m pretty excited about Fiona’s first jamboree. It’s not that big of a deal, but it was a very special thing to me when I was a kid. The best part was always riding on The Scrambler and making Mindy sit on the outside so I could crunch her against the end of the seat.

We’ll also be celebrating Fiona’s first birthday (a week or so early) as well as a bunch of other family birthdays. We’re throwing a shindig with a caterer and all at the Lodge Saturday afternoon/evening. Mindy and Manish will be in town, as well as Nili (Manish’s sister.) It’s going to be a blast – I can’t wait.

Tooth, Virus and Bacteria

Friday, September 24th, 2004

This has been a tough week for Fiona. When we picked her up from daycare Monday she had a fever. Heather stayed home with her Tuesday and Fiona. The fever lessened but a rash spread from her hands, feet and bottom to the rest of her body. Fiona was pretty cranky which made for a tough day for Heather too. The nurse at the doctor’s office said it was probably Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Nothing too serious, but there’s no treatment for it either.

In addition to the rash, Fiona has been drooling all over the place. We’re talking boatloads of drool. Everywhere. Heather could hardly keep up with the laundry. Eventually we realized that she had cut another tooth on top, to the left of the other two. Probably accounts for the drool.

Thursday morning we noticed a bunch of gunk in Fiona’s left ear. Obviously she had had an ear infection and her eardrum had ruptured (we’ve seen this before.) Geeze, how many things can happen to this poor girl in one week? Heather took her to doctor who confirmed not just one, but two pretty ugly ear infections. Antibiotics and ear drops for 10 days.

Despite all this, Fiona has for the most part been a happy little girl with the exception of Tuesday. She’s back at daycare today for half a day until we hit the road for Ohio.

Photos of Denville and Wagon

Monday, September 20th, 2004

New pictures finally!

Denville and Red Wagon photos online.

POD Aftermath and Wagon Rides

Monday, September 20th, 2004

Our POD storage unit was dropped off last week and the first floor of our house was filled with boxes and bins from it. Mom and Dad Callahan visited this weekend to help with Fiona while we unpacked and also to take some furniture off our hands. We made pretty good progress on the boxes, but there’s still a lot to do.

Saturday afternoon Heather, Fiona and I packed up the wagon for a walk down to Cheesetique, a new specialty cheese shop that opened recently in Del Ray. We picked up some great flavors whose names I forget at the moment. Later that evening I made pasta e fagioli and spiced rum cider for dinner. After Fiona went to bed we watched Room with a View which Heather had never seen before and is a movie I love.

Sunday was more unpacking and work around the yard. Mom and Fiona went on a long wagon expedition Sunday afternoon down to the park on Mason Ave. and back around the scenic route. Mom and Dad left mid-afternoon with a truck full of furniture and other flotsam of life. Afterwards Heather, Fiona and I packed up the wagon once again and headed to the Sundae Times for some ice cream. We walked back the long way, up Mt. Vernon to Commonwealth. We walked up Forrest St. to see if either Chris or Jenn was outside. Chris just bought 3 W. Forrest St., which is the house Tim and I used to rent before Tim moved to NJ. Fiona was great the whole time (undoubtedly the graham crackers and sips of water contributed to that.) I love wagon excursions.

Radio Flyer

Monday, September 20th, 2004

There was a great big package from Amazon waiting when I got home from work one day last week. It was Fiona’s birthday present from her Grandma and Grandpa Stevens, a Radio Flyer wagon :-)

I put it together on the front lawn and once a few other chores were take care of Fiona and I headed out on our first wagon excursion. (Heather was at rehearsal for a show she’s in.) We went up the block, then down the block, then around the corner. But then we started to get a little cranky and hungry for dinner, so we turned around and headed back home. All in all a very successful maiden voyage – no injuries, Fiona didn’t try to stand up all the time like I feared she might and she seemed to enjoy the ride.

I did a bunch of research on the different models available. We ended up asking for the Radio Flyer Model 32. It has pneumatic tires to make the ride softer, has a wooden body (so no rust worries), removable sides (for easier packing in car) and is big enough for baby and lots of supplies/equipment.

I love the wagon!

Red Wagon

Denville, NJ

Monday, September 13th, 2004

Last weekend Heather, Fiona, Sailor, Maple and I piled into the Subarooroo and headed up to visit Tim, Christine and Ateles in Denville, NJ. They are getting ready to sell their place and move back to the DC area and we figured we should finally get up there to see their house sometime before they sell it.

We drove up Saturday morning and arrived just a few minutes before Eric, Toni and Sophia. We had never met Sophia before and Fiona had never met Eric and Toni before, so this was all big fun. It was very interesting to see the two girls side by side. They are about the same size and Fiona is a little further along in the walking department, but Sophia is noticeably farther along verbally.

Tim and Christine belong to the Rock Ridge Community Club (think country club with a lake instead of a gold course) so we all strolled down there except for Christine who took off to do some grocery shopping. The moms, girls and Eric hung out on the beach and then the playground while Tim, the dogs and I went around to Dog Point to let the pups do some retrieving. After a while we headed back up the hill (which had gotten quite steeper since we came down) to the house for some snacks, baby play-time and just hanging out. The Schreiber clan headed out home after a couple hours (Eric gets cranky if his normal bedtime routine is disturbed) and the rest of us just hung around the house watching TV, feasting on Tim cookout goodies and supervising the baby and dogs. That evening we headed to the Denville Dairy to partake in some amazingly good icecream. Mmmmmmm.

Sunday we headed back down to the lake to swim the dogs some more. We got some great pictures and video which I’ll put up sometime soon. Fiona did some wading and we got our first Naked Baby pictures of her for use in embarrassing her when she gets older.

Tim and Christine have a cute house and Denville seems like a great place. We’re sorry that they have to leave this place they like so much, but we can’t help being excited that they’re coming back to this area so we can see them more often.

Blood Rites by Jim Butcher

Friday, September 10th, 2004

Book 6 in the Dresden Files. For those unfamiliar with this series, Harry Dresden is wizard scraping together a living as a private investigator in Chicago. The series is fun, quick reading and this latest book lives up to the expectations set by the first five books. My writer friend Maria introduced me to this series about a year ago and now Heather, a bunch of our friends and I are completely hooked.

3 Years

Thursday, September 9th, 2004

Wow. Yesterday was our 3 year weddding anniversary. Pretty amazing.

We celebrated by taking the day off work and playing. I took Fiona to daycare and brought back chai and muffins from St. Elmo’s. After hanging out a bit we went to see the 3rd Harry Potter movie in Balston. From there to Old Town to pick up some more chai and goodies from Bread & Chocolate (Heather claims they have the best chai ever.)

That evening we headed down to Old Town for a dinner cruise on Nina’s Dandy. The dinner was pretty nice but unremarkable. The boat ride itself was pretty fun. The best part was just spending the 3 hours or so enjoying each other’s company without work/house/childcare stresses interfering.

Tim and Christine were in town and their pup Atales was staying with us. Wendy and Pip came over to babysit for us and brought Wendy’s dog Puck – so that made 4 dogs and a baby for Wendy and Pip to wrangle yesterday while we were on the cruise. Good friends.

New Software

Thursday, September 9th, 2004

For several reasons I decided it was time to start using a different software product to manage The old posts and comments are still here, but old links to them will not work. Thanks for being patient over the next several days as I iron out issues.