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Thursday, June 17th, 2004

Last weekend Heather, Fiona and I headed up for our annual trip to Brigantine, NJ, with Tim and Christine. We drove up Thursday afternoon and Tim and Christine came in Friday morning. Friday we spent a couple hours sitting down in the excellent martini bar just chatting. [Warning: their website plays music. I categorically hate all websites with a soundtrack.] Afterwards we played games and just hung out around the room all evening.

Saturday we took a long walk along the beach to have breakfast at the Pirate’s Den. The walk was Fiona’s first ever beach adventure and we had lots of fun chasing the seagulls, dipping our toes in the surf and walking in the wet sand. Saturday night we got subs from Sac O Subs and played more games.

Sunday we had breakfast at the restaurant downstairs, then Tim, Christine and Heather headed over to check out the new Casino in town, the Borgata. Fiona and I stayed in the room and napped. Before leaving Fiona visited the wading pool there at the timeshare and had fun splashing her feet in the water.

This was the fifth year we’ve met Tim and Christine up there. I hope we’re still doing this five years from now.


Thursday, June 17th, 2004

Two weekends ago a crowd of guys descended on Las Vegas to celebrate the end of bachelorhood status for Greg and Jeff. About a dozen of us flew in from east and west coasts. Tim organized pretty much the whole thing. We stayed at the Flamingo hotel/casino right in the middle of the strip. It certainly is not the snazziest place around, but the price was right and the location was good. They have a great pool area that winds among trees, artificial waterfalls and water slides.

I got in late Friday, just in time for dinner with everybody at one of those fancy chain steak houses. I hit the hay afterwards, but a few folks went out carousing that night. Saturday we wandered through several of the different casinos just sightseeing. We watched Smarty Jones lose Belmont Stakes from the sports book at the Venetian – that was a lot of fun, much excitement in the air as everybody was rooting for Smarty (if he had won it would have been the Triple Crown for him.) At some point in the day we feasted at one of the many buffets (I think at the MGM Grand.) That night we ended up at Olympic Gardens, but those stories won’t be repeated here in print :-)

Sunday we spent a few hours around the pool at the Flamingo. There was this silly bucking surfboard ride (think motorized bull) that some in the group felt compelled to try. (Tim’s right arm is sporting a bruise the size of a dinner plate as a trophy.) We dined at the buffet at Caesar’s (I think), which was smaller but much better quality than the one on Saturday. Good eats. Most of us had flights out late Sunday, so the evening was spent getting to airport, saying goodbyes and finding gates.

A very memorably trip, to be sure.

Baby Chariot

Thursday, June 3rd, 2004

Last year I got into a good routine of biking to work most days. Shorter days and the arrival of Fiona put an end to that quickly, but I’ve been wanting to reestablish that routine this summer in order to get some exercise. Problem is that I’m usually the one to take Fiona to daycare in the mornings, so I need some way of transporting her. I’ve been researching baby carts for a couple months and finally bought a used one this week.

It’s a Burley D’Lite. The trailer is built like a tank, can carry one or two kids, folds up to fit in car or storage and has room for carying a couple of bags behind the seat itself. I need to put a new chain on my bike and do a little other tuning next week before we go out for the maiden voyage. Fiona seems to like riding in strollers, etc, so I think she’ll tolerate the 5-10 minute ride from our house to daycare. I have high hopes that she’ll actually enjoy it enough that we can go for longer rides (15-30 minutes maybe) this summer just for fun.

Busy, busy, busy

Thursday, June 3rd, 2004

Looks like the anual Summer Travel Insanity has descended upon the Stevens household. Last weekend Heather and Fiona were in Ohio (while I was at Capital Punshiment, this week I’m in Vegas for a bachelor part, next weekend we’re heading up to Brigantine for our annual trip with Tim and Christine, weekend after that we’re heading back to Ohio. Tough to get any unpacking or other house-setting suff done.

Looks like Manish and Mindy are coming down to visit last week of June. I can’t wait to see them. Manish’s dad and my parents might be out also. Guess we’d better have the backyard ready for some serious grilling that week.