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Monday, May 24th, 2004

Grandparents came to town this last weekend and that can mean only one thing: time for Fiona to get sick. Sigh.

Mom and Dad Callahan came in late Friday and about that same time Fiona started throwing up and developed a fever. Pediatrician said it was a stomach bug and to keep her hydrated with Pedialite. Well, for every 2oz of stuff that Fiona drank, 1.5 oz ended up on somebodys shirt, pants, furniture, the floor or the dogs within a few minutes. She seemed happy and lively enough otherwise. Still hasn’t gotten better.

Saturday Ryan and Jenn stopped by to say hi and see the house. Afterwards Heather and I drove out to a couple furniture stores looking for bedroom, living room and dining room furniture, but for the most part we were thwarted in our efforts. We were in the mindset that we’d go a couple places, find what we wanted, order the stuff and be done with it. Well, we realized pretty quickly that it is probably a much longer process to find what we want. Our plans for a sectional in one corner of the living room especially aren’t going to pan out due to the area being too small it looks like.

Sunday we ran down to Lowes and got a bunch of shopping done before I ran over to Steve and Tanya’s for Joanna’s baby shower and Heather ran home to take over Fiona watch. In the evening we hunkered down in front of the TV and watched the first two Sopranos episodes of the season while Fiona slept on our laps.

Moving In

Friday, May 21st, 2004

Last couple weeks have been very busy with the move and all. Mom Stevens was up most of last week to help with Fiona during the actual move. (Fiona couldn’t go to daycare because of “digestive issues.”) Dad Stevens came up over the weekend to help too. There is no way we could have made it through last week without their help.

Fiona started crawling over the weekend. The biggest hinderance to her is that she really wants and tries to stand up instead. She can pretty much pull herself up on something if she tries usually. Once this week Heather saw her actually stand up on her own without anything to hold on to!

Mom and Dad Callahan are coming up this weekend which will be an immense help too. It’s really hard to get unpacking and moving-in stuff done when you are caring for a 7 month-old at the same time.

Homeowners Again

Monday, May 3rd, 2004

Closed on 12 W. Windsor Ave. this morning. Yahoo! We’re once again among the tax burdened, insurance saddled, mortgage paying class.

Heather and I had lunch sitting on the floor of the empty dining room. We let the dogs run around the place – they enjoyed the traction afforded by the carpetting as opposed to the hardwood floors they are used to. The flooring contractors come tomorrow morning to rip out the carpetting, so the doggie joy will be short-lived.