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Yet more renovation, still no baby

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

and I am CRANKY. I can’t get my feet into my shoes, the bathroom from hell is still only partially tiled, and I can’t get my feet into my SHOES.

It is really nice to have Dad and Uncle Alan around, though. Although they’re probably despairing ever going home at this point.

Bathroom Renovation

Friday, September 19th, 2003

So I’ve hated the tile in the bathroom since not long after Jason bought our house. After I moved in, I was determined that the bathroom needed to be renovated.

I managed to talk my dad into coming out here and helping us to replace the tile. He was out here earlier this summer and sized up the job. This is a very small bathroom we’re talking about, Dad figured it should take three or four days to completely replace all the tile and fixtures that we wanted to change.

So he came out here last weekend, we went and picked out the new tile, and returned to the house to tear off the tile. And this is where we discovered that the tile was not puttied to the wall, it was MORTARED to the wall. There’s some sort of cement that attaches the tile to the wall. Very VERY difficult to remove, as Dad and Jason found out. Of course I, being pregnant, can’t help to remove the tiles, so I’m feelng a mite guilty for getting them into this predicament. But it’s too late now, and the bathroom will look So Much Better!

Jason ran into our next door neighbor last weekend, who of course can hear the pounding in our place. He told her about the tiles, and she said that she’d had a contractor into her bathroom quite awhile ago who took one look and recommended that she repair her broken tiles and back away slowly, leaving the rest of them where they were. I think he’s wishing he’d talked to her sooner. :)

Dad’s coming back today with my uncle and will attack the bathroom again this weekend. Fingers crossed that there won’t be any more surprises, because it would be really nice to shower in there again.

Riding Out Isabel

Friday, September 19th, 2003

Isabel decided to pass to our west last night, but the District metro area was still pounded by high winds and a lot of rain. Jason and I took turns staying awake to watch the basement, which has flooded a few times this year. We were really worried about losing power, which would have guaranteed a flood.

But we got lucky (so far). Although the lights flickered a few times, we still have power and the sump pump (which I had the great foresight to replace back in February) is still pumping every now and then. Parts of Alexandria are under water, and we will have to keep monitoring the basement for a few days, but we seem to have gotten lucky.

We were also pretty sure that because we have parents and sisters who want to be here for Peanut’s birth, I would of course go into labor during the hurricane. Not so much. :)

Oy, we are tired. The wind is still blowing outside but I think it’s safe to go to bed now.

W&OD Trail Ride

Friday, September 5th, 2003

Last Sunday I set out on Jason’s Great Bike Adventure 2003. Readers may recall Jason’s Great Bike Adventure of 2002 which was a weather-thwarted attempt to do the whole C&O Canal path (all 180 miles.) This year’s Adventure was quite a bit less adventurous, but fun nonetheless.

The W&OD Trail is a Rail-to-Trails park that stretches from Shirlington to Purceville, about 46 miles. I took off Sunday morning and rode from our house about 2 miles or so to Shirlington where I picked up the trail. I have ridden the first 15 miles of it quite a bit, but had never been much past that. The trail gets pretty out on it’s western half where it wanders through more rural areas with horse farms and such. Took about 4 hours including several stops to eat and drink. Was a great ride, but the last few miles by backside was ready to not be sitting on a bike seat any more!

Heather met me at Purceville and we had lunch at The White Palace. It was one of two local eateries in downtown Purceville (downtown is where they have the two traffic lights – both flashing yellow.) We chose The White Palace because a bunch of other bikes were pulled up in front. The place was full, but a friendly guy sitting at a big table by himself invited us to sit with him. (This is the type of thing that happens regularly when you are with a blatently pregnant woman I’ve noticed.) The guy is a local and worked for a local towing company driving a truck. We had a sturdy, honest lunch – I got the hot roast beef with gravy open face sandwhich with enough mashed potatoes on the side for about a dozen people. Unfortunately we didn’t get the guy’s name, but we had a good time talking about the gentrification of Purceville, the evils of the PA turnpike, the goodness of railroads and other assorted important topics.

This was one of those happy days that just makes you smile and appreciate living.

Last Baby Class

Friday, September 5th, 2003

Wednesday Heather and I went to our last baby class. This session was all about labor and birth. Saw video of several people giving birth spanning the range of experiences – from the woman who jogged to the hospital and gave birth in 10 minutes while knitting a baby outfit the whole time to the woman who was in labor for about a hundred hours with all sorts of pain and blood and other unpleasantness. Guess Heather and I are now mostly prepared for the big event, which is not at all meant to imply that we are ready though.