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Jason’s first diaper change

Thursday, July 31st, 2003

Our final childbirth class last night was a basic once-over on postpartum…ahem…issues and a cursory overview on infant care. Part of that section included diaper changing. :)

We were given a very cranky-looking girl baby, a clean diaper, and some wipes. The diaper the doll was wearing was full of peanut butter! It was Jason’s job to change the diaper and I must say he did a pretty good job. Probably the most pleasant one we’ll encounter, but it was very funny. We also learned how to swaddle a baby, but it didn’t seem to make our baby any happier.

Happy Lughnasadh!

Thursday, July 31st, 2003

Hope everyone has a happy and blessed Quarter Day. I am hoping to be out of work at a decent time today so that Jason and I can relax, pack, do a couple small things around the house, and most of all spend some quality time together. It has been a very busy couple weeks and we are tired.

Baby Shower & Callahan Reunion

Thursday, July 31st, 2003

Last weekend we packed the humans and dogs into the Subaru for the trip to Ohio. We stayed with Heather’s parents, and I was up early Saturday morning letting the dogs swim in the pool. They love jumping in to get tennis balls (or even better the really slimey softball) and it’s great exercise for them. After a few minutes Dad Callahan and I both jumped in to join the dogs. Lots of fun swimming around and playing keep-away from the dogs with the tennis ball. Maple finally figured out how to use the ladders to get out of the pool. Sailor has been able to do this for a while, but it’s tougher for Maple with his big gangly legs. As we frequently say about Maple – he’s not graceful, but he makes up for it in enthusiasm.

Later Saturday was a baby shower for both Heather and her sister Mindy in Jefferson. While that was going on us menfolk hoppen on the AC&J Scenic Line for a trip down the tracks and back. Dad (Stevens) came along too and we had a pretty good time. On the way out we rode in the same car that I proposed to Heather in. On the way back we rode in style in the caboose, which is probably the best seat in the place. (Farthest from the noise of the engine, plus you can ride on the back platform and watch the rails slip past you underneath.)

There are some shots from the shower here.

Afterwards Dad and I headed down to the Geneva State Park marina to visit Ken and Cindy Zigmund on their boat. Ken and Cindy are retired and preparing to sail their 47 foot Beneteau sailboat to the Caribbean this fall. It is a beautiful boat and we had fun talking to the two of them for a while before I had to take off to get back for the reunion in Ashtabula.

That afternoon/evening the Callahan family reunion/picnic was at Mom & Dad Callahan’s place. Lots of food, lots of family, lots of swimming, lots of Noah getting passed around and adored, lots of fun. The dogs got a few more hours of swimming which thouroughly exhausted them for the next few days.

Pictures of reunion are here.

Heather and I are scrambling to get ready for another trip home this weekend for Mindy and Manish’s wedding. More on that later.

Sailing Adventure

Monday, July 21st, 2003

Early last week it occured to me that last weekend was one of my last chances for a big sailing adventure on the Potomac before the baby arrives. SCOW was having a raft-up at Smoot’s Cove (just south of Wilson Bridge) on Sunday afternoon. I planned on heading out Saturday and overnighting at Smoot’s cove, then sailing down towards Mount Vernon and Gunston Cove on Sunday before returning back up north for the raftup in the afternoon.

Mark and I had been talking about an overnight on the river ever since Heather and I got our boat but the plans never quite came together. Unfortuneately Mark had other plans over the weekend so it was just going to be me.

Crib Purchase

Monday, July 21st, 2003

Saturday morning Heather, the pups and I headed down to the marina to get the dogs a little exercise. Afterwards we hit the Del Ray farmers market and browsed through a couple antique shops looking for a dresser/changing table. In a baby-furniture-buying frame of mind we decided to head down to Richmond to check out the USA Baby store. Heather had heard from her sister that the quality of their cribs and so forth was a lot better than at BabiesRUs and we were running out of weekends that we could head down there.

The drive to Richmond is supposed to be about an hour and a half from here. Traffic Saturday was terrible. Stop and go on Rt. 95. Took us over 2 1/2 hours to get down there, we almost turned around halfway to come back.

Anyway, the store in Richmond (the closest USA Babies to Alexandria) is small compared to the BabiesRUs but pretty nice. It sells mostly furniture with a small assortment of other baby stuff. They had lots of nice cribs in the $600-$800 range that we loved, but there wasn’t any way we were forking over that kind of money for a crib. Actually, my Mom and Dad had said they wanted to buy the crib for us, but regardless of whose money it is $700 is a little too much. We ended up finding one that we really liked for about half that much. The difference between the cheaper ones and the more expensive ones is mostly what type of wood they are made of. Pine is cheaper, lighter and softer. Hardwood (Oak, etc) is heavier, harder, usually prettier and twice the price. Ours was available in three different colors, we opted for Amber which for this manufacturer means a dark brown/red but not quite as dark as a Cherry stain. (It’s remarkable the amount of dubiously useful info you pick up when shopping for things like this. A week ago if you asked me the difference between amber, cognac and cherry stain colors I would have just stared at you. I hope I can eventually recycle those neurons for something more important.)

So we loaded up the crib, stopped at the nearby Maggie Moos for ice cream and milkshake and hit the road home. Traffic wasn’t as bad and we made it in under two hours this time. We got back around 8ish at which point I immediately took off for my big overnight sailing adventure – more on that later.

At lunch today I came home and put the crib together. Was pretty easy. When I came home from work I met Heather upstairs as she was coming out from showering. I put my arm around her and opened the door to the nursery so she could see the crib assembled. Fun moment, and pretty strange to see a crib in what for so long has been the office/spare room/Ed’s room.

As soon as we get our digital camera back from Jenn & Ryan’s (where we left it a week ago) we’ll throw up a picture of the crib.

Biking Again

Thursday, July 17th, 2003

Biked to work again today. First time since last fall that I’ve even been on my bike. In the last couple years I’ve noticed my activity level drop very noticeably. Used to be I’d spend all summer biking, sailing, hiking, etc. I don’t remember the last hike I was on, I went half this summer before getting on my bike and it’s an effort to get out sailing even. Hmmm…. I wonder if these things are losing their appeal or if I’m just getting lazy or if I have other interests nowaydays or what. Anyway, it’s not healthy because I haven’t been getting any exercise, so I’m going to try to bike in the mornings regularly again. I still have the gym membership a couple blocks from work so I have a convenient place to shower and get ready after riding into work.

I’m registered to ride in BikeDC again this year with Dave Gardner. I think his wife Christina is coming too. Last year it wasn’t a problem because I had been riding a good bit. This year it’s going to be difficult unless I get out and train some beforehand. I think it’s in the middle of September or so. I’d also love to ride the C&O canal trail again this year, but we’ll see. Both of these things depend a lot of the timing of the baby.

New Hummus Flavors

Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

I’ve written before about The Perfect Pita, this great lunch spot about a block from my office. They make great homemade hummus and pitas among other things. Well, as I was picking up my falafel pita sandwhich today for lunch I saw that they have two new flavors of hummus. Seeing as how I get lunch there probably two or three times most weeks this is pretty exciting news.

When I first started working here Perfect Pita just had plain hummus. Very shortly after that though they introduced Red Pepper hummus – good, but not quite as good as plain. Today they introduced Jalepeno hummus and Black Bean and Cilantro hummus. I tried a bit of the Jalepeno and it was good, though maybe too spicy to eat much of it at once. I didn’t try the Black Bean/Cilantro but Joe said it tasted a lot like the plain.

I think you probably have to work/eat in the area to understand the true impact of this event.

Needles, Needles, Needles

Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

Heather’s screen for gestational diabetes came back positive last week so she’s going in for a more comprehensive test today. Basically it involves sitting around the office all morning while they draw blood about once an hour. This is just about Heather’s idea of a personally tailored Hell, so I’ll be going to hold her hand and distract her from the needles.

We’re not too concerned. Turns out she was supposed to fast before the screen last week but nobody told her, so chances are very good that she is not actually diabetic.


Tuesday, July 15th, 2003

We’re in the processes of switching to a new blogging system. Stay tuned.