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Three Bachelors

Monday, January 20th, 2003

Heather took off Wednesday for a couple business conferences in Hawaii, just two days after getting back from San Francisco. She’ll be back on Thursday, so the boys and I have a week of bachelor time. Called a florist in HI and had a gigantic arrangement of flowers sent to her room so she wouldn’t forget about us :-)

Poker was fun, Sumner and Ben came over. Ben took everyone’s money. He got his when we retired downstairs for some xbox shooting. Geeked out most of the weekend getting Zope and Postfix running on the g3 downstairs. Those things have been on the todo list for a long time. Demo at work on Tuesday (tomorrow), so today was a long day.

Saturday was Adam and Mary’s wedding. Ceremory was at a place not far from Mount Vernon, small and pretty. Reception was at the Inn at Mount Vernon. Very nice reception. Good food and drink. Much fun, but it’s hard to have much fun at a wedding without Heather around.

San Francisco

Monday, January 20th, 2003

Heather and I flew out to San Francisco last week to visit folks out there and swing by MacWorld Expo. Got to catch up with Jeff, Katie and Ging which was awesome. Here’s the play by play:

Wed (1/8) – Flew out, got into Oakland late. Took cab to Grant Plaza hotel in Chinatown. Mark had recommended the hotel as a great budget place to stay with a good location. Room was very small, but can’t complain about the location or price.

Thurs – Walked down to Mascone center in the morning to meeting Jeff. Strolled around the expo for a while. Apple announced 2 new powerbooks – a 12 inch model (which I want) and a 17inch model. Took muni back to Mission and ate (very big) burritos with margaritas, then walked a few blocks to Jeff & Katie’s place. Heather and I then took muni F line to Fisherman’s wharf and walked around touristtown. Saw the sea-lions. It was raining a lot. Heather and I didn’t pack rain stuff – just plain dumb. After getting totally soaked we sprung for some better rain gear at a store that exists soley to sell clothes to tourists who were too stupid to pack appropriately. Walked to Ghiradelli Square and bought chocolates to take to people back home. Had drinks and dinner at place (who’s name I forget) that invented Irish Coffee. I’m neither a whiskey nor a coffee fan, but I tasted Heather’s and I have to admit it was pretty good. Took cable car up past Lombard St. back to hotel.

Fri – I went to the expo first thing while Heather had some errands to run. Heather met up with after a bit and we ran into Jeff and his friend/ex-roommate Tom. Had lunch/beers with them at The Thirsty Bear and hung out for a little bit. Afterwards Heather and walked up through Japantown to North Beach. Checked out City Lights bookstore and a few other places. Had beers at a need bar/Thai place with a bunch of stuff on tap. Walked back to hotel.

Sat – Jeff and Katie picked us up and we drove up to Sonoma. First stop was Chateau Carneros. Mostly a sparkling wine place, only a few years old. Took a tour, tried a sampling of wines. From there a long drive up to Russian River Valley to Lambert Ridge. Great drive past lots of small wineries and vineyards. Lambert Ridge is a great little place – small, personable and winery-looking. Nice folks too. Great bread and dips. Several good wines. I don’t usually like Sauvignon Blanc much but their’s was great. From there just a short jaunt down the road to Armida. Armida doesn’t grow their own grapes, the buy from nearby vineyards. Armida was very polished and pictureque, but it felt a little manufactured. Wines were okay. Back in SF the four of us met up with Ging at a Pakistani restaurant for dinner. From there to the Castro to hear a band that a friend of Jeff’s is in. The bar was typical alternative place with interesting crowd and interesting but eventually tiring entertainment. When Jeff’s friend’s band finally got to stage we were pretty tired and none of us made it past the first few songs. Much fun despite how un-fun I just made it sound :-)

Sun – Slept in pretty late. Heather and I caught the ferry over to Sausalito. Pretty little town, reminded me hugely of Bellagio in Italy. Very touristy, but we found a good place called the No Name pub that had a great, big jazz band playing on a very small stage. Picked up a cd – Big Money in Jazz Band’s Tin Roof Blues. Ferried back and took muni over to Ging’s place where he made sushi & pizza for Jeff, Katie and us. Good stuff. Then we all got comfortable for a showing of several of Ging’s best movies (he’s finishing film school.) Jeff and Katie played starring roles in a couple. Lots of fun. Ended evening with a little PS2 shooting each other.

Mon – Walked to bart and trained to oakland and shuttled to airport. Long flight back to dulles. So tired. Didn’t want to work next day. Great, great trip.

Baking Doggie Treats

Monday, January 6th, 2003

Wendy came over yesterday and we baked dog treats! She bought a mix for my Christmas present from Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue. That is one terrific organization, with angels masquerading as volunteers. The treats were a Big Hit with the puppies…:)

Jason took Sailor and Maple and Puck (Wendy’s dog) to the dog park where they ran and ran. Of course, Maple just HAD to lie down in the big nasty puddle. Ew. Jason is a very very good sport for braving the cold like he does all the time!

And in other news…now that I’ve rsvped to Adam and Mary’s wedding, and then unrsvped because I was going on a business trip…I might not be going. ARGH. Will hopefully know for sure today. Luckily Mary told me they don’t have to have final numbers until three days before the wedding…so annoying, and I’d just not go but my husband is still going to the wedding…