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I’ve missed the blog…

Sunday, December 29th, 2002

I’ve been so stressed out lately! December is always too hectic because it’s the end of the contract year for my biggest client and all of our final deliverables are due on the same day. Usually this is a day in the middle of the month, and then we can relax and the holiday starts kinda early. Not this year. I still have final deliverables due and they are not in good shape yet and it is very very stressful.

Along with better planning for where we are when back in Ohio next year, we need to make sure that we have our shopping, etc done before the end of November next year so I have One Less Thing to think about/do while I should be working . :(

Stressstressstress…I can’t wait to go on vacation…by the time we go to SF, the deliverables will be done! I can do anything for 10 more days…

It Sucks That I Can’t Use Netscape to Update This!

Sunday, December 29th, 2002

It’s not that chai is compensation for going to the dog park; I love the dog park!! The chai is compensation for braving the damn cold weather!! :)

Sopranos, Season 4

Saturday, December 28th, 2002

Went over to Aaron & Amy’s place this afternoon to watch the first 4 episodes of The Sopranos (which they have on Tivo.) Good fun. Made brocolli, chicken & rice in crock pot for dinner. Was okay but sort of bland. Dogs to dog park in the afternoon after stopping by St. Elmo’s to get Heather something to drink. A big cup of warm chai or coffee is Heather’s usual compensation for braving the dog park with us.


Friday, December 27th, 2002

Long day at work again. Made risotto for first time from scratch, with a salad, bread and chardonnay. Pretty good, nice to add that to the repertoire. Going to watch another Richard Sharpe movie. Ripping cd’s for my new iPod too.


Friday, December 27th, 2002

The Family Stevens treked back to oHIo for Christmas, leaving Saturday and coming back Thurs morning. Had a wonderful time. Saturday night went to a party at Ron & Tracy Clutter’s house, in the same neighborhood that I grew up in in Geneva. They have a lovely new home built on land I used to bike and snowmobile on years ago. Was great fun to hang out with the Coy family and other folks.

Split our time between the Callahan and Stevens households as usual. Made several trips between Ashtabula and Geneva most days (about 20 minutes) which made the days a little hectic. Hopefully we can improve our scheduling next year so we don’t feel so rushed.

Christmas Eve was all about finishing shopping and getting ready. Poor Mom Stevens burned her left hand the day before, bad timing since a bunch of folk were coming over for dinner Christmas Eve as usual. MJ was around and helped Mom out a lot with the cooking I think. Heather and I were running around too much to be much help to anybody. The Christmas Eve lineup included Mom & Dad Stevens, MJ, Dan & Cathy & Emily, Al & Alice, Aunt Helen, Grandpa and Heather & me. Uncle Joe, Matt and Marc stopped by a little later too. Really wonderful to see everyone. We have lots of friends in DC, but there’s nothing like spending time with family to make you feel like you have a place in the grand scheme of the world. MJ and I did our traditional exchange of ornaments. She got me this neato skeletal leaf plated in some metal. I got her this egg shell ornament painted with the nativity scene that I got at Ten Thousand Villages.

Later in the evenin we moved on over to Chez Callahan for the Christmas Eve open house. The traditional cast of characters were there along with large quantities of the much beloved Callahan Punch. As usual there wasn’t enough time to spend with everyone. It’s heartwarming, especially as a relative newcomer, to see a group of longtime friends getting together like that and for the tradition to span generations.

Christmas morning started at Callahans. Santa was very generous! I got a toolbag with a complete set of tools for the boat (something I had hinted heavily to Santa I would like) along with a bunch of other good stuff. After opening gifts we moved on over to the Lodge and repeated the flurry of gifts with an equally wonderful haul of goodies. Back to Callahans for Christmas dinner, then back to the Lodge (missed dinner at Ernes’) for more food and hanging out.

Up at 6am Thursday to pack the car (can’t believe it all fit) and on the road at 7. At work by 2:15.

One of the best Christmases on record. Wish I could have spent more time with Mom, Dad and Grandpa, but we did a pretty good job of seeing everyone this year. We have great families, wish we lived closer. Maybe someday not to far in the future we will.

MJ Getting Married!

Monday, December 16th, 2002

MJ called Saturday afternoon from Skaneateles because Manish proposed to her! I guess they were on the gazebo at the lakeside park there in the center of town and Mindy was looking out at something. When she turned around Manish was down on one knee with a ring. Took her totally by surprise since she didn’t think the ring would be ready for a while yet. They stayed at the Brewster Inn in Cazenovia and went to visit Colgate on Sunday.

We’re all pretty excited not only that MJ is getting married, but that she’s getting hitched to such a cool guy. Mindy and Manish both rock.

Cruise Link

Tuesday, December 10th, 2002

Here’s the link to Tanya & Steve’s wedding site (the folks organizing the cruise):

Links from there to the boat and so forth. Steve and Tanya are Big Geeks(tm) for putting together such an elaborate wedding site.

City by the Bay

Monday, December 9th, 2002

Heather and I are heading out to San Francisco January 8-13th. Going to geek-out for a bit at MacWorld, walk around SF, maybe drive to Napa one day. Hopefully get to hang out some with Jeff and Ging.

Over the Weekend

Monday, December 9th, 2002

Went to see the 2nd Harry Potter movie with Heather friday. I’d seen it before and didn’t like it any better the 2nd time than the 1st. The first movie was pretty good, but I thought the acting was worse in this one and the scenes didn’t flow as well either. Oh well. LOTR: The Two Towers opens in about a week, I can hardly wait. The Two Towers is my favorite book of the trilogy. Already have my ticket for the 12:01am show Wednesday :-)


Monday, December 9th, 2002

Tanya (from Matrix) and Steve are having a destination wedding on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean this May. They invited a bunch of folk and Heather and I decided to go. I’ve always been pretty skeptical of cruise boats, but I’m excited about this trip. More info and links later.