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Outting Day to Baltimore

Tuesday, March 19th, 2002

I was feeling pretty down yesterday. When Heather got home from work we headed over to Monroe’s and had drinks and food at the bar. (Monroe’s is a vastly unexploited resource of ours.) On the way out of Monroe’s I decided that I had to get out of the house and do something today. I called Kristina Morgan and made plans to go to the Baltimore Aquarium today.

Kristina and I got up there and took about an hour to browse through the aquarium. The special exhibit was about Sea Horses. Turns out that one sea horse variety lives in the southern half of the Chesapeake, who woulda thought? The big pool of sea rays was impressive. Afterwards we went to the dolphin show. I expected something pretty cheesy, and I guess it sort of was, but we had a great time. I think the dolphin trainers must have some of the best jobs around – probably very little money but it sounds very fun and rewarding.

After the aquarium we walked over to The Warf Rat for lunch. I had been there for lunch once before with Tim and Ryan(?) after the boat show a few years ago. After lunch we strolled back to Little Italy to get dessert at Vaccarro’s. Mmmmmmm….. Vaccarro’s is a wonderfully decadent dessert place. I had something called Peanut Butter Fantasy (or something like that) that was so good it just about killed me.

Kristina and I decided we should probably plan on having more Outting Days every Tuesday while we’re both unemployed. Future candidate destinations include Annapolis and Philly.

Trip to Ohio

Tuesday, March 19th, 2002

I flew to Ohio on Thursday to see Mindy and Manish who were visiting for a few days. Heather drove up on Friday with pups. Friday and Saturday were mostly spent hanging around the house and making small trips to show Manish around. Saturday we all drove down to Sharon for wings at Quaker State, shoes at Ryers and to browse around the town some. That evening we had a great dinner at Allessandro’s. Sunday morning was brunch at Unionville Tavern before hitting the road home.


Sunday, March 10th, 2002

Going to Boston this weekend for Jack Callahan’s birthday. Flying out tomorrow and back on Sunday. Mom and Dad Callahan and some other’s from OH and PA are making the trek too. It’s a suprise, he doesn’t know anyone’s coming. Should be a lot of fun.

String Cheese

Thursday, March 7th, 2002

is good.



Thursday, March 7th, 2002

I played racqetball with Dave Gardner at the Washington Sport & Health club in Arlington yesterday morning. Played three games, lost all three, but had a great time. The club is great and I signed up for a membership. Robert from TextOre plays there too, so maybe I can get him to play once in a while too. Apparently there’s a whole racquetball culture and social circle there at the club. Not only is racquetball a blast but I really, really need the exercise. Especially with the Dogwood hike coming up. Got Heather a free month pass and we’re going tomorrow morning.

Man am I sore today :-)

Jobless Again

Thursday, March 7th, 2002

Well, looks like my contract with TextOre is coming to an end this week. No job offer yet, but there’s hope that an offer will be forthcoming in the next several weeks if the funding comes through. Monday the job search starts again.

News over the last couple months…

Sunday, March 3rd, 2002

Heather, Sailor, Maple and I were back up to Ole Mink Farm a few weeks ago. Last year we had rented a cabin up there in March and had a wonderfully relaxing time. This year was great too – lots of time just sitting in front of the fire reading, playing with dogs, talking.

I was jobless through the end of January. Almost 3 years to the day from when I was hired at The Motley Fool I signed onto a 5 week contract at TextOre working for Dwight Gibbs, the former Fool CTO and guy who hired me there. That five week term just ended last week, though it is being extended for several weeks and will hopefully end with a job offer. Sumner Hayes and Jeff Kirchner, two fellow ex-fools, are also on the contract with me. TextOre is in Balston, which is pretty near where I used to live in Arlington. Maybe the most fun thing about working up there is rediscovering all the lunch spots I used to frequent. Two of the best are the Food Factory, an Afghan place with great kebobs, and the Lost Dog Cafe, which has great sandwiches, dreamy milkshakes and a fabulous been selection.

A couple weeks into my contract at TextOre I got a job offer from White Oak Technologies where a couple ex-Fools work, including Chris Hagner who was my last manager at the Fool. They made a decent offer and do very interesting work, but the money just wasn’t there. It was a tough decision, but I’m still pretty sure it was the right one.

We were back in Ohio last weekend to celebrate Heather’s Dad’s birthday (which is really this weekend.) Fun time. Dad Callahan and Uncle Allen fenced off part of Callahan’s back yard with snow fencing so the dogs would have a place to run around while there. Made a huge difference in ease of dog management while there. Saturday evening Mom and Dad Stevens, Mom and Dad Callahan, Mindy and Joe, and Heather and I had nice dinner at Ferrante’s Winery in Harpersfield.

Speaking of Mindy and Joe. Joe is working at a new job down in Columbus (for the last 3 months or so now?) They are selling their house in Madison and looking to maybe build down in Columbus. Sad that they’re leaving town – it will be harder to see them when we’re back in Ohio now. But it sounds like this is a great job for Joe, and they get to be closer to his family down there too.

St. Patty’s Day Parade

Sunday, March 3rd, 2002

Eric, Tim and Christine are in town this weekend for the annual Alexandria St. Patty’s Day parade. For about 8 years now (only maybe 5 for Heather and me) our extended group of friends has been getting together to celebrate this event. This is the first year that Ryan and/or Christine hasn’t been living right in Old Town, so we all got a room at the Holiday Inn on King St. that overlooked the parade route. Yesterday’s fun included most of the usual craziness:
Cases of Guinness
Drinking at 10am
Bagels and cream cheese
Early dinner to rejuivinate people (Chadwick’s yesterday)
Drinking Guinness (or whatever) from covered coffee cups on the sidewalk while watching parade

A couple new things this year:
Krispy Kreme donuts
Guinness draft in a bottle
Ryan’s Cream liquor

Craziest moment: One of the motorcycle cops rode down the middle of the street while standing fully upright on the seat of his motorcyle. All the others (10 or so) had veered to the sides of the street and he came shooting through. Awesome.

After dinner and a rest some of us congregated over and Ryan and Jenn’s for some board games until about midnight. This morning we’re meeting at 10:30 at the new Bob & Edith’s diner. Bob & Edith’s is a classic place, so we’ll see if they can maintain the authentic dinerness at a second, larger location.