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Uhg… another week without an

Friday, December 21st, 2001

Uhg… another week without an update. Let’s see…

Had a great poker night last week. Tim was in town because of work and spent the night, so we had six players. Totally ignored the 10:00 cutoff time. On thursday Tim and I hung out during the day, went to Fast Eddies (pool hall/bar) then met Heather, Ryan and Jenn at the Taco House in Crystal City. We had been looking forward to trying out the Taco House for a long time. I wasn’t terribly impressed – the prices were pretty good, but better food and margaritas can be had at Los Amigos or South Austin Grill.

After Heather got off work (late) on Friday we drove up to Tim and Christine’s place in Edison, NJ. Hit real bad traffic (accident) and didn’t get there until around 1:30am. In the morning the four of us took the train into New York City and met Eric there. We strolled up 5th Ave. checking out the holiday displays and wandering through Macy’s. Saw Rockefeller Center with it’s skating rink and the nearby NBC studio. Walked through the FAO Schwartz toy store and stopped into an Irish pub named Scruffy Duffy’s on 7th Ave. Spent a good long time there enjoying pints of Guinness and sandwiches. After saying bye to Eric we took the train back and spent the evening drinking wine, playing PlayStation and talking. Sunday we drove back to Virginia after having brunch at a diner with T&C.

Got my first unemployment check on Wednesday, hurray!!! I kept joking with Heather that I was taking it straight to the nearest bar, liquor store or OTB and blowing the whole thing.

Job search isn’t going anywhere right now. I’m looking every other day or so, but there’s very little out there at the moment. I expect (hope) that things will pick up after the holidays.

Heather and I are spending Saturday here. The plan is to make cookies, exchange gifts, listen to christmas music, drink some Bailley’s Irish Cream, and relax and have a good time. Sunday we’ll be taking off for Ohio.

Spent a good bit of

Tuesday, December 11th, 2001

Spent a good bit of today printing out Christmas letters for Mom. So far I’ve been to Staples 3 times, twice for ink cartridges and once for heavy-weight paper. I’ve spent most of the day babysitting the printer, feeding paper (printing this thing double-sided), replacing ink thingies, removing jammed pages…. Need to get it in to the FedEx office this evening.

Wow, a month since the

Tuesday, December 11th, 2001

Wow, a month since the last post. That’s aweful. Let’s see, what happened. Saw the Harry Potter movie a couple times, I still don’t have a job yet, made the trip home for Thanksgiving, Grandma Callahan is in hospital but hoping to go home this week sometime, I’ve been making bread and doing a lot of cooking, I learned that chipotle peppers are very hot, read all the Harry Potter books again, ….. uhh….. and lots of other stuff. Moved Christina and Joe back into Arlington from Florida, Dad Callahan came up this weekend to deliver Christmas tree to us….

Jen and Brian are coming over this evening for dinner and tree trimming and related festivities. Tomorrow Tim is coming into town for work and will join us at poker. Poker should be fun aside from the regulars (Ryan, Mark, Todd, myself) we’ll have Sean (neighbor who may become regular), Justin, Joe Rose and Tim. Wow – biggest poker night in a long time.

On Friday Heather and I are travelling up to NJ to stay with Tim and Christine. We’re going to head into NYC to see Christmas decorations. Also going to meet up with Eric and Toni and see their place in Hoboken.