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Heather and I went to

Friday, November 9th, 2001

Heather and I went to see Monsters, Inc. yesterday. Much fun! Pixar rocks. Saw the new Star Wars trailer, I guess the movie is coming out this spring sometime. Lots of great movies coming up: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars.

Uhg. This was my first

Friday, November 9th, 2001

Uhg. This was my first full week at home. I spent a lot of time working on the job search and so forth, but it was a pretty crummy week. I’m remembering from my previous work-at-home experience the need for structure in the day. Without some type of schedule I sit around not knowing when to eat, when to stop working, etc. I really need to figure out what and when I’m doing for the day first thing in the morning.

Job search isn’t going too great. The few things that I’m excited about don’t seem to be shaping up. I responded to several job postings today, one or two of which I’m highly qualified for. We’ll see. I really, really need a job by the end of the month. Uhg.

I was really looking forward to having November free to play, maybe do some bike riding, visit Ohio, maybe some hiking. Looks like that idea is shot, I’m going to be scrambling to find a job or some contract work.

In happier news we held our first real poker night of the season on Wednesday. Ryan, Mark, Todd and I were in attendance. attendence? whatever. Was a good night. Turns out that Hard Times has 25 cent wings on Wednesdays from 4 to 6pm. Might be fun to grab wings next week before poker.

Met Maki for lunch at

Monday, November 5th, 2001

Met Maki for lunch at Union Station today (he’s working at Amtrack right now, which is next door to the station.) Worked on some job stuff. Surfed the web. Played with the dogs. Good day.

Adam and Mary are coming over around 7:00 and we’re all going to Hard Times for dinner. Will be nice to hang with them, we don’t see them all the much anymore.

Sunday and Game 7Sunday was

Monday, November 5th, 2001

Sunday and Game 7

Sunday was mostly cleaning around the house. We went over to visit Jenn and Ryan briefly at the new place, then came back to watch game 7 of the world series. We were rooting heartily for Arizona. My old little league teammate, Brian Anderson, plays for the Diamondbacks – but more significantly we’re just tired of seeing NY win all the time. It was a close game, and going into the bottom of the 9th inning the Yankees were up 3-2. The diamondbacks tied it up, then managed to score again to win the game. This was definitely some of the best baseball I’ve ever seen.

Moving Day and Todd’s PartySaturday

Monday, November 5th, 2001

Moving Day and Todd’s Party

Saturday we helped Ryan and Jenn move into their new place in Arlington. It’s a great little single-family home between Crystal City and Pentagon City. The move wasn’t too painful as such things go. Afterwards we took the truck and moved Sue Baker’s furniture from her apartment into her new townhome near Balston. Her place is nice too, in a cute little neighborhood not too far from where Tim, Beth, Sue and I used to live on Jackson St.

Saturday evening we headed up to Todd’s house for a Holloween party. Todd’s parties draw an interesting mix of people and he always has one or two homebrews on tap. (I had a few glasses of Chocolate Stout. Very good.) Heather and I were beat from all the moving, so we didn’t stay too late.

Heather and I couldn’t help turning on game 6 of the world series to see what was going on. Score was 5-0, Diamondbacks over the Yankees, when we walked into the party. When we turned on the tv the score was 15-0 (not a typo) in the 6th(?) inning. A little crowd formed and we watched the rest of the game which ended up 15-2. After heartbreaking losses to the Yankees in game 4 and 5 it was great to see the series forced into a game 7.

Dinner with Alexander and JenHeather

Monday, November 5th, 2001

Dinner with Alexander and Jen

Heather and I had dinner friday evening at Alex and Jen’s place in Silver Springs. We see them infrequently, so it was great to spend a few hours relaxing and catching up. Roasted garlic, warm bread, wine and this funky Raclette thing (Heather can correct this butchering of the spelling. Done-H) It’s basically a table-top grill thing with little trays underneath used for melting cheese. Think of it as a fondue, but with a grill surface instead of a pot of oil. Cubes of beef and chicken, sliced mushrooms, potatoes – all with melted cheese on top. So very good. I’m making myself hungry.

Among other talents, Jen sings opera. We got a copy of her cd and listened to it on the way home and through the weekend. She has an amazing voice. Heather and I have been wanting to see her perform for a few years now, hopefully we’ll get the chance sometime soon.

Lunch in PhillyIn a celebration

Friday, November 2nd, 2001

Lunch in Philly

In a celebration of the joys of unemployment, Christine and I met in Philly yesterday for lunch and beers. We ended up sitting for an hour and a half waiting for each other in different bars, across the street from each other. After a lot of running around we finally met up around 2:00. Had a beer and wings at The Artful Dodger. Afterwards we strolled up and down South Street before stopping into Jim’s Steaks to split a cheesesteak.

Christine lived in Philly for a while in 1994. I lived in Philly right after college for about three years, 1994-1997. We had a great time talking about all kinds of things. Tim and Christine are some of H and my best friends and it’s really unfortunate that we don’t see each other more. I’m already looking forward to what’s becoming the anual trip to Brigantine with them. Coming up sooner than that is New Year’s – and we’re talking about renting a cabin somewhere together. Tim, Christine, Ryan, Jenn, Heather and I had such a good time out at Canaan Valley two years ago that we’d love to do something similar.

I gave Christine on of the Penn State hot chocolate travel mugs we got at the game last weekend. Christine gave me a mix CD that Tim had burned for me. Very fun day.