A Long Day at the Hospital

No baby yet.

We spent about 14 hours at the hospital today. They didn’t actually try to induce today, instead they applied this medicine that is supposed to help prepare Heather to be induced. The stuff softens up the cervix and makes it more receptive to the drug the use to induce. Anyway, that stuff was applied in the morning and was left on for 12 hours. The baby looked to be doing fine and Heather wasn’t having serious contractions yet so they let us go home to rest the night. They actually were going to have us stay, but we did some asking around and got them to let us go home. With all the work in store for Heather I wanted to make sure she got as much quality sleep tonight as possible, and I knew that wasn’t going to happen at any hospital.

So when the midwife came to remove the medication from Heather around 9:30pm today she checked Heather out and said Heather’s about 70-80% effaced. It was really good emotionally for both of us just to hear that some progress had been made today.

So we’ll be heading back in to the hospital tomorrow morning around 8am or maybe earlier depending on when we’re awake. The plan right now is to get Heather on Patosin (the drug they use to induce labor) when we get there in the morning. They’ll give it to her for about 8 hours or so, and if things aren’t in full swing they’ll probably take her off and start again on Sunday. The idea is that it takes a lot of energy to give birth and you want to make sure the woman is well rested if possible before starting labor.

Before getting to the hospital this morning we thought they were actually going to try to induce today, so it was a little disappointing to us to have to wait another day (or two). But on the other hand you want to make sure to do things right and waiting another day is a small price to pay if it means an easier or more problem-free labor.

Off to bed now (Heather’s already been asleep for a good hour.) Back to the hospital in a few hours.

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