Almost Show Time

We had appointments this morning at the ultrasound place then at the doctors’ office. Baby looks to be in good health, but there’s not a whole lot of amniotic fluid at this point. This isn’t a huge concern, but when there’s less fluid there is an increased risk of compressing the umbilical cord. Dr. Gimattorio, the head honcho at the practice, decided that it’s time to induce labor. They sent us home to get a good night’s sleep and we have an appt. at the hospital for 7am tomorrow morning.

Heather and I spent the day running a few errands, getting the house ready, getting ourselves ready and basically trying not to panic. Just kidding, actually we had a very nice day spending time together doing a few last minute things but mostly just enjoying this time together. I went out and installed the base for the baby seat in the back of the subaru – that’s one of those concrete signs that this is for real and not just a drill :-)

Heather had this burst of energy and wanted to put up towel rods in the bathroom and head over to Lowes to make some returns and buy paint for the bathroom. We had been warned about this phenomena and I was prepared – no physical exertion at all for the woman about to go through labor and childbirth, just rest. I think she realized I was right when in the space of 15 seconds she asked me where the screwdrivers are and suggested that we make a run down to the home improvement store.

Anyway, she’s upstairs sleeping now and it’s time I go join her. Both sets of parents are on the road heading this way already. Heather’s Mindy is with her parents and Mindy Jo is flying in tomorrow evening. I sort of feel like a 10-year old kid who can’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve because he’s so excited about the next day. Except I think this is going to be way better than any Christmas.

Time for bed. Tomorrow is a big day.

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