Bathroom Renovation

So I’ve hated the tile in the bathroom since not long after Jason bought our house. After I moved in, I was determined that the bathroom needed to be renovated.

I managed to talk my dad into coming out here and helping us to replace the tile. He was out here earlier this summer and sized up the job. This is a very small bathroom we’re talking about, Dad figured it should take three or four days to completely replace all the tile and fixtures that we wanted to change.

So he came out here last weekend, we went and picked out the new tile, and returned to the house to tear off the tile. And this is where we discovered that the tile was not puttied to the wall, it was MORTARED to the wall. There’s some sort of cement that attaches the tile to the wall. Very VERY difficult to remove, as Dad and Jason found out. Of course I, being pregnant, can’t help to remove the tiles, so I’m feelng a mite guilty for getting them into this predicament. But it’s too late now, and the bathroom will look So Much Better!

Jason ran into our next door neighbor last weekend, who of course can hear the pounding in our place. He told her about the tiles, and she said that she’d had a contractor into her bathroom quite awhile ago who took one look and recommended that she repair her broken tiles and back away slowly, leaving the rest of them where they were. I think he’s wishing he’d talked to her sooner. :)

Dad’s coming back today with my uncle and will attack the bathroom again this weekend. Fingers crossed that there won’t be any more surprises, because it would be really nice to shower in there again.

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