Riding Out Isabel

Isabel decided to pass to our west last night, but the District metro area was still pounded by high winds and a lot of rain. Jason and I took turns staying awake to watch the basement, which has flooded a few times this year. We were really worried about losing power, which would have guaranteed a flood.

But we got lucky (so far). Although the lights flickered a few times, we still have power and the sump pump (which I had the great foresight to replace back in February) is still pumping every now and then. Parts of Alexandria are under water, and we will have to keep monitoring the basement for a few days, but we seem to have gotten lucky.

We were also pretty sure that because we have parents and sisters who want to be here for Peanut’s birth, I would of course go into labor during the hurricane. Not so much. :)

Oy, we are tired. The wind is still blowing outside but I think it’s safe to go to bed now.

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