W&OD Trail Ride

Last Sunday I set out on Jason’s Great Bike Adventure 2003. Readers may recall Jason’s Great Bike Adventure of 2002 which was a weather-thwarted attempt to do the whole C&O Canal path (all 180 miles.) This year’s Adventure was quite a bit less adventurous, but fun nonetheless.

The W&OD Trail is a Rail-to-Trails park that stretches from Shirlington to Purceville, about 46 miles. I took off Sunday morning and rode from our house about 2 miles or so to Shirlington where I picked up the trail. I have ridden the first 15 miles of it quite a bit, but had never been much past that. The trail gets pretty out on it’s western half where it wanders through more rural areas with horse farms and such. Took about 4 hours including several stops to eat and drink. Was a great ride, but the last few miles by backside was ready to not be sitting on a bike seat any more!

Heather met me at Purceville and we had lunch at The White Palace. It was one of two local eateries in downtown Purceville (downtown is where they have the two traffic lights – both flashing yellow.) We chose The White Palace because a bunch of other bikes were pulled up in front. The place was full, but a friendly guy sitting at a big table by himself invited us to sit with him. (This is the type of thing that happens regularly when you are with a blatently pregnant woman I’ve noticed.) The guy is a local and worked for a local towing company driving a truck. We had a sturdy, honest lunch – I got the hot roast beef with gravy open face sandwhich with enough mashed potatoes on the side for about a dozen people. Unfortunately we didn’t get the guy’s name, but we had a good time talking about the gentrification of Purceville, the evils of the PA turnpike, the goodness of railroads and other assorted important topics.

This was one of those happy days that just makes you smile and appreciate living.

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  1. Gordon Says:

    I thought Heather was writing this at first and couldn’t believe she was still biking :-)