Nursery Painting

Mom and Dad Callahan were in town this weekend to help us paint the nursery and get some other things done. Heather and I picked out this great pale yellow color which of course turned out to be not-so-pale once it was up on the walls. Oh well, it still looks pretty good. Dad and I did the painting Saturday, then Dad did all the trim that evening while I was out with Mark. Mom and Heather washed all the baby clothes we’ve received and other organization stuff like that. The three of them also spread some pine bark chips around the plantings in the front yard which spruced the place up a lot.

Nusery is looking pretty good. We still may or may not put up a border around the walls. We have one that matched the bedding/etc but I don’t think I like the border much. Will still need a dresser/changing table. We’re hoping to find a nice antique dresser to also use as a changing table. So far we’ve seen a few interesting items at the local shops but nothing we are crazy about. More looking this weekend.

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