Saturday Morning at the Marina

Saturday morning I took Sailor and Maple down to the marina to swim before Heather and I took off for Maryland. Sailor of course is happiest when he’s in the water, but the suprising thing is how well Maple is coming into his own as a water dog. His enthusiasm level is very high, no suprise there. But he does a great job of brining the retrieving dummy back to me and not running around too much with it. Even more impressive than that is how well he’s learning to leap from the dock. The first couple times I took him this year he would eagerly jump off the dock, but his jump was more like a cannonball than a gracefull dive. He would jump way up in the air, wiggle his butt, splash into the water very gracelessly, struggle to get his head back above water, compose himself, then finally start swimming for the bumper. Not pretty to watch :-) But Saturday he started to figure things out. He was leaping out into the water instead of up and managing to keep his head above water most of the time. Not only is his form improving, but he gets incredible distance! Makes me want to enter him into the ESPN Timber Games dog jumping competition.

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