Beer and Baltimore

Sunday Heather and I picked up Todd and headed over to Maryland Homebrew in Columbia, MD. I’ve been planning for a few months to try my hand at brewing beer once I was gainfully employed. Todd helped me pick out the equipment I need and Heather and I chose an Irish Stout kit for our initial attempt. The kits are pretty nice for a beginner, one box that has all the supplies you need for one batch (about 5 gallons.) We also picked up The Papazian Book on brewing. This book is apparently sort of the bible of homebrewing. It’s actually titled something else, but everyone refers to it by the author’s name: Papazian (or something like that.)

Since we were already in Maryland it only made sense to continue up to Baltimore for lunch. We managed to find Baltimore Brewing Company (makers of DeGroen’s beers) despite my failure to bring their address. Turns out they are located about one block away from the garage we were going to park in anyway. Not coincidentally this garage is also one block away from Vacarro’s, the best Italian dessert place in the world. Food and beer at BBC was pretty good. All three of us lost our heads at Vacarros and ordered about three times the amount of dessert we could actually consume. Todd had the Vesuvius, Heather had some cream-filled pastry things with chocolate mousse and I had an Oreo Sundae. Glutonny abounded. Soooooo good.

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