Outting Day to Philly

Last Tuesday Kristina and I trucked on up to Philly for the day. It was a good parking karma day and we got a spot right there near 2nd and South Street. Strolled up South Street stopping in a bunch of the interesting shops. Ate a a good Italian place there. Spent time in a bead store (forget the name). I stink at coming up with designs for these things, but I blew a stupid amount of money to buy some beads to make a fun, whimsical necklace for Heather.

But Horror was just around the corner….

The Dickens Inn, most beloved of South Street drinking/eating establishments, home of many good times, is no more. In it’s place is some renamed, redecorated imposter. I couldn’t bring myself to enter, I was too emotionally shaken up, so I don’t know the extent of the damage. Kristina and I quickly retreated across the street to the comforting familiarity of The Artful Dodger for a couple beers.

Looks like next week’s trip will be to Annapolis. We’re trying to get Joe and Heather to come out and join us when they get off work.

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