Outting Day to Baltimore

I was feeling pretty down yesterday. When Heather got home from work we headed over to Monroe’s and had drinks and food at the bar. (Monroe’s is a vastly unexploited resource of ours.) On the way out of Monroe’s I decided that I had to get out of the house and do something today. I called Kristina Morgan and made plans to go to the Baltimore Aquarium today.

Kristina and I got up there and took about an hour to browse through the aquarium. The special exhibit was about Sea Horses. Turns out that one sea horse variety lives in the southern half of the Chesapeake, who woulda thought? The big pool of sea rays was impressive. Afterwards we went to the dolphin show. I expected something pretty cheesy, and I guess it sort of was, but we had a great time. I think the dolphin trainers must have some of the best jobs around – probably very little money but it sounds very fun and rewarding.

After the aquarium we walked over to The Warf Rat for lunch. I had been there for lunch once before with Tim and Ryan(?) after the boat show a few years ago. After lunch we strolled back to Little Italy to get dessert at Vaccarro’s. Mmmmmmm….. Vaccarro’s is a wonderfully decadent dessert place. I had something called Peanut Butter Fantasy (or something like that) that was so good it just about killed me.

Kristina and I decided we should probably plan on having more Outting Days every Tuesday while we’re both unemployed. Future candidate destinations include Annapolis and Philly.

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