Pohick Bay

A couple weekends ago Fiona, Brendan and I went camping with our friends Linda, Kurt, Caroline and Peter. Caroline was in Fiona’s class at preschool and now is a 1st grader at a neighboring elementary school. Her brother Peter is a couple years older.

We chose a park just a half hour south of home called Pohick Bay Regional Park. Pohick Bay is perfect for introducing kids to the basic idea of camping without really suffering any of the hardships of more rigorous, minimalist camping. Our sites were next to a playground, a couple hundred feet from restrooms/showers and just a bit farther from the camp store. A short drive or hike gets you to boat rentals, a water park, mini-golf, the 7-11. You get the idea, this definitely was not roughing it.

The sites were great, the kids could play with other kids on the playground and still be within sight of the adults. We made smores, hiked a little bit, went out in a canoe, saw interesting wildlife (esp. the Five-lined Skink), inspected weird mushrooms and got poison ivy. (Actually, I think I’m the only person of the group who got any.)

Photos are up at http://fivegrainja.zenfolio.com/pohickbay.

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