Secret Elves

Back when I was a young kid my family spent spring break down at my grandpa’s place in Port Charlotte, Florida. One morning we saw a rabbit in one of the neighbor’s yards and my parents told us it was the Easter Bunny. I don’t actually remember whether or not I bought into that claim at the time, but the memory has stuck with me. At some point I related this story to Fiona and apparently it left an impression. Recently she asked me if I had really seen the Easter Bunny when I was little. I replied that I definitely saw _a_ bunny, but I couldn’t be sure it was actually _the_ easter bunny.

Now I realize that she won’t always believe in such things, but I really expected to enjoy these holiday myths for a few more years with her. I’m not quite ready for my little girl to face such harsh truths just yet. Stalling in order to formulate my strategy I asked her who else would bring Easter baskets to kids.

Her reply: Secret Elves

Hmmm…. I wasn’t expecting that one, but this sounds like something I can run with.

Me: “Oh, I see. Hmmmm.. Why do you think that?”
Fiona: “I’ve seen their houses.”
Me: “Really?!”
Fiona: “Yes. Plus how would a bunny carry easter baskets? Bunnies don’t have hands.”
Me: “Well, that is a good point. Maybe he carries them in his mouth though.”

Fiona was unimpressed with the mouth basket transport hypothesis and decided that since daddy couldn’t provide a definitive answer regarding the true source of easter baskets that the secret elves must be the true providers of easter delights.

A few weeks after this initial exchange I asked Fiona where she had seen the secret elves’ houses. She replied that they live in trees. She had seen the little round doors to their homes in several trees. I’m going to be on the lookout from now on.

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