Monday was Fiona’s first day of kindergarten. The whole family drove to CPS, dropped off Brendan, then Heather, Julia, Fiona and I walked over to MVCS. Fiona was equal parts excited and nervous. We’ve been talking about kindergarten a lot the last few months, so there had been a lot of buildup to this day.

We found her room with Miss Pendergast, room 116. She put her backpack with all the school supplies over against the wall with the others and we found her spot at one of the little tables. We walked over to the corner where the kids were to gather and said our goodbyes. She was a brave camper despite being pretty nervous.

After school she gets taken back to CPS with some other kids for after-care. So Heather and I both went to pick up B and F around 5:30. B was playing outside and was all red-faced and sweating from hard playing. The three of us walked upstairs and found Fiona happily playing with legos next to Johnny and Emma. Heather and I of course can’t wait to hug her and ask her a thousand questions, but when we walked in she just gave us a big smile and continued her playing.

I remember my mom and dad asking me about school sometimes and my response usually being along the lines of “uh, nothing really happened.” I guess it’s my turn to be on the receiving end of that same exchange.

We eventually got a little info from her. She had a great time, didn’t like lunch, liked her teachers, and was impatient with the Spanish portion because she already knew all the words. And besides, as she told me later, she already has a Spanish grandma so she doesn’t need a Spanish teacher (my mom was a high school Spanish teacher.)

One other memory – at one point the day before or morning of kindergarten Fiona was expressing some apprehension about kindergarten and mentioned that she really wished her teacher had long hair. We asked her why, and she just explained that she likes long hair better. Turns out that Miss Pendergast _does_ have long hair, so that was a small bit of relief Monday morning.

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