Purple Butterflies

After Heather and the kids got back from Cowahen Farm on Sunday I took Fiona to get a new backpack and school supplies for kindergarten. First we hit REI for a backpack. I was really hoping to get her a nice quality backpack rather than the lesser quality cartoon/movie/tv themed ones she has. Fiona frequently amazes me with her capacity to reason things out and make informed decisions rather than just knee-jerk, emotional reactions. I explained how these backpacks were more comfy and better built even though they maybe weren’t as exciting as a Dora, Thomas or Princess backpack. She entirely understood and agreed with me. We decided that she could decorate her backpack later with pins, etc if she wants.

Fortunately REI came through with something perfect. We quickly found a kid-sized Kelty backpack that was light purple with butterfly silhouettes. Of course we needed a fancy new water bottle to go in the mesh pockets too.

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