Saturday morning I took the kids to Clemyjontri playground and met Tim, Christine and kids there.  After a bunch of running around, climbing, merry-go-round riding, etc we headed home for some lunch and rest.  Brendan and I opted for a snooze together while Heather took Fiona down to the Y for some quality pool time.  The kids both took classes their earlier this year, but neither is anywhere near swimming yet.  Apparently Fiona and Heather had a great time.  At one point however Fiona was practicing going along the side of the pool hand-over-hand when she slipped and went underwater.  Heather was there to grab her but it was still pretty traumatic of course.  Heather got her right back on that horse though and by the time they got home Fiona was telling the story of how brave she had been even though it was scary and she accidentally drank some of the pool water.

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