Free Drinks

One saturday each month in the summer our realtor, Jenn Walker, puts on an event called Cinema Del Ray.  She hires a service to come show a kid movie on a large inflatable movie screen outside the Mt. Vernon Rec Center.  People show up early so kids can run around with their friends and play on the playground.  The grownups hang out and chat and every once in a while try to locate their kids.  Jenn sets up a small concession that sells bags of popcorn, candy, drinks, etc.  It’s one of those things that makes Del Ray such a great place to be.

So Shrek 3 was on the agenda Saturday.  I piled both kids into the wagon along with blankets, pillows and a supply of drinks, snacks and bug repellent.  Fiona and I have been to this several times, but this was Brendan’s first time.  We got there early and setup the blanket in our favorite front/right corner.  The kids ran themselves to exhaustion while I caught up with my friend Dwight whom I worked with years ago at The Motley Fool.

At one point both kids came up and asked about getting popcorn.  I was talking with Dwight, so thought I’d try just handing Fiona money and sending her off to the concession with her brother.  Handling money on her own is not something we’ve tried before.  I gave her two $1 bills and sent her off with instructions to get one bag of popcorn.  Projected cost: $1.  Several minutes later she returns with not one but two bags of popcorn.  And a bottle of water.  Total cost: $3. Hmmmmm.

Upon questioning Fiona explained how the nice lady had given her a bottle of water.  A little later I went over to get more beverages and mentioned that I wanted to also pay for the water my daughter had gotten earlier.  Several of the people present commented on how nicely Fiona had introduced herself and her brother and what lovely kids they are (insert warm proud daddy glow here.) Apparently Fiona had explained to them after getting 2 popcorns that she didn’t have anything to drink with her popcorn and that she didn’t have any more money.  Wow, four years old and she’s already not having to pay for her own drinks :-)

Exhausted from running and full of popcorn the kids finally settled down when the movie started.  About 30 minutes into the show a big thunderstorm threatened so they had to stop the movie.  We made a quick wagon ride home, but fortunately no rain followed.  We had a bit of a wagon mishap pulling into the yard, but nothing that some hugs and band-aids couldn’t fix.

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