Puddle Stomping

A few weeks ago one of Fiona’s friend’s mother organized an informal soccer game for all the kids from school on Sunday.  Unfortunately a heavy, persistent rain moved in that afternoon and soccer had to be rescheduled.  Brendan had settled for a nap and Fiona was getting herself established in front of the tv after lunch.  Rather than let her rot in front of the tube I sold her on the idea of going out puddle-stomping instead.  We geared up in our raincoats, boots and princess umbrella and stepped out into the deluge.
Our street is on a slight hill, so we headed downhill a couple blocks.  Things weren’t too exciting until we turned into an alley that is 1) level and 2) dirt and gravel.  Puddles galore!  Big puddles, muddy puddles, deep puddles.  The exciting part was when we found puddles deep enough to submerge the little eyes on Fiona’s ladybug boots.

We ran across her friend Ian and his parents running from there car into there home.  They had just come from the Dairy Godmother, which sounded like an excellent idea.  Fiona and I stomped over to enjoy some tasty custard goodness and dry out a bit.  Fiona, as always, had a kid cone with chocolate custard and rainbow sprinkles.  I had a hot fudge sundae which Fiona quickly discovered she likes very much.  She was a bit wet and cold on the way home, so spent most of the walk home with her on my shoulders holding an umbrella for both of us.

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