Kennedy Center, State College and

Kennedy Center, State College and Cow-a-Hen Farm

Big weekend. Friday evening I went into work around 4pm for the last Tech Beer Fest. The tech group used to gather every friday afternoon to drink beer and socialize at the office. Sometimes there were announcements, but mostly it was just a forum for us to all hang out before migrating to bars that evening. A wonderful tradition. Anyway, with the Fool’s financial woes (TMF paid for beverages, snaks) and Dwight leaving (Dwight was head of the tech dome) this last friday marked the end of the tradition.

Friday evening Heather and I went to see the Washington Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center. Tim and Christine got us the tickets as a wedding gift. We had 3rd row center seats. This was a pops concert, and the WSO played a bunch of Broadway tunes. The three singers were pretty corny, but the show was great nonetheless. I couldn’t take my eyes of the violin section – the first violin was amazing. We were close enough to watch the finger movements of the musicians and to watch the sweat drip from the nose of the conductor. We had a great, great time. Heather and I used to go to the Kennedy Center to see musicals pretty frequently (used to have subscriptions) – we should do that again when we have the $$.

Saturday morning around 7:30 we hit the road for State College, PA to see the Ohio State vs. Penn State football game. Several members of Heather’s family are Penn State alums and have season tickets, and Joe Schaeffer is an Ohio State alum, so there’s a good bit of friendly intrafamily rivalry. Heather and I had tix way up at the top behind the south end zone. They were good seats, but we were surrounded by Penn State fans and it was freezing up there. We actually got hailed on. At halftime we met up with Bob, Linda, Mindy, Janet, Lance and Cathy and all had hot chocolate to take the bite off the cold. We went back up to sit with Mindy, Joe and their friend Jeff for the rest of the game.

It was a close game, and Penn State ended up winning 29-27. With that win Joe Paterno (Penn State coach) broke the record for most career wins with 324. The broke the record of 232 held for many years by Ohio State’s former coach Bear Bryant. After the game we tailgated for a while waiting for the traffic to clear out. After that was dinner at a restaurant on top of Mt. Nittany. Dinner was nice, and afterwards a bunch of us spent the night at Bill and Patty’s home, about an hour east of State College.

Sunday morning was great. We walked around the farm talking to Bill about his operation and saying hello to all the animals. I learned how to pickup a turkey (look out for the wings and beak), we fed Levi the Bull a bunch of apples (Levi loves apples), fed turnips to some of the cows, admired the Japanese Fighting Hens with their long, colorful feathers and watched Nelly (1 year old Jack Russel Terrier) chase chickens and stand nose-to-nose with the bull. Bill and Patty sent us home with some ground beef, chicken breasts and fresh eggs.

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