Heather has this amazing history of being in car crashes. I don’t mean that she causes them – it’s like she’s some sort of magnet for crash-prone drivers. Just while we were dating she was in 2 accidents that totalled first her old Tempo then her Civic. For a while there it looked like she was on an every-2-year cycle of having her cars destroyed.

But the last few years have been lucky. She has had the CR-V since before we were married. Wait, I think I used the wrong verb tense there. She _had_ the CR-V that long. Past tense.

Coming home from work Tuesday she was sitting at a red light when some guy plowed into the back of her and shoved her into the car in front. Nobody was hurt badly, but Heather and I spent the evening at GW Hospital while they monitored the baby and did some blood tests just to make sure baby is ok. Heather has some sore muscles but is fine.

The car we don’t really know about. The insurance adjuster should be checking it out soon and we don’t know if they’ll have us fix it or just write us a check. Of course, this happens not even a week after we sink $1k+ into new AC compressor and fan. Sigh.

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