Friday after work Fiona and I biked down to Gravelly Point. It was the longest trip we’ve taken in the trailer and she was great. She sang some to herself and read Baby Colors and ate some crackers. There was lots to see once we got there – planes taking off overhead, lots of people playing ultimate frisbee, boats, birds, dogs, etc.

Heather drove to Boston Market and met us at the park with dinner and jackets (since it was getting cool.) The folks at the restaurant neglected to give us any plates, plasticware or napkins so we had to improvise, but none of us cared much. We had a great time talking, eating and playing around on the blanket until it the sun began to set. Fiona and I hopped back on the bike and I started peddling madly to get home before dark (didn’t have lights with me.) It was definitely bedtime and the ride home involved a couple stops to comfort a certain sleepy girl, but wasn’t too bad all things considered.

I’m hoping we can do this often this summer and maybe get some friends to join us.

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