Yesterday morning rode to Mt.

Yesterday morning rode to Mt. Vernon again with Thom. Had a great ride. Got into work around 1:00 for a meeting that didn’t happen. Lunch at Bittersweet – mmmmmmm good. Drove down to a new mini-golf course on Van Dorn St with David Gardner (not the founder, a techie). Probably the best mini-golf course I’ve ever seen. Dave owed my 1/2 of a lunch from a previous game up at the Eisenhower course, so we played double-or-nothing. Was an exciting match, and on the 18th hole I tied it up and we had to play another 9 as a tie-breaker. I got a few lucky breaks and ended up winning. Much, much fun.

Not bothering to go into work today. Nothing to do there except clean off my desk anyway. I’ve been submitting a lot of resumes to different companies yesterday and today. Nothing I’m too excited about yet. I still haven’t heard back from Digital Harbor, so I’m assuming that’s not good news there. I’ll probably get in touch with them today sometime to see what’s up.

Heather and I have tickets to see the Washington Symphony Orchestra play the Pops at the Kennedy Center tonight. Tickets were a wedding gift from Tim and Christine. Tomorrow we’re driving up to State College, PA to see the Penn State – Ohio State football game with some of Heather’s family. Maybe we’ll get a chance to see our buddy Jay who lives up there too.

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