Fiona’s Chariot

Last summer I bought a used child trailer so that I could pull Fiona behind me on my bike. We didn’t try it last year and the first few attempts this year were sad failures.

Then last week I decided enough was enough and that I was going to bike to work that day and Fiona would have to put up with the riding in the trailer as far as daycare. I buckled her into her seat with a doll, a sippy cup of juice and some crackers and we took off. She was an angel. She drank her juice, then I had to stop to show her where the crackers were (in one of the pockets inside the trailer) and we was happy all the way to daycare.

We’ve ridden a few more times since then and now she loves it. She gets all excited at home when she sees the helmets. (She jumps up and down pointing and shouting ‘Elmet!’)

Yesterday she and I went to REI to buy a new Burley d’Lite. Same thing we had, just a newer design. The newer models have a few creature comforts that I wanted and REI had a good sale on them.

I’m hoping to log a short ride with her this weekend down to Gravelly Point so we can watch the airplanes (Ah-panes!) takeoff and land.

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