Hilton Head

So we spent several days in Hilton Head with my folks last week. Our first day was overcast and a little windy, but we spent a lot of time down at the beach anyway. Fiona had a blast collecting shells and playing with her bucket and shovel. The second day was a rainout, but it was Easter so we had fun hiding Fiona’s easter basket and playing with her. The NCAA basketball tournament was on TV and heather and I picked up Love Actually and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow from the local grocery and watched those. Monday was a little more beach time and dinner with Dan, Cathy, Emily and her friend Jessica who had all just arrived for the week.

Mom and Fiona had a great time with a little plastic tricycle that mom and dad had brought down for her. It’s one of those that she scoots with her feet rather than having pedals. Fiona learned pretty well how to get around. She had a blast picking up pinecones and collecting them in the little trunk on the scooter.

Pictures will be up at some point, I have a virtual stack of picts from the last several months that need to be posted.

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