First Plane Flight

So last friday (March 25) was a big day. In addition to Fiona’s getting glasses for the first time she also flew on a plane for the first time. After we boarded they announced that takeoff would be delayed 20 min or so because some folk were on a connecting flight that hadn’t arrived yet. This was sortof annoying, but the stewardess was so apologetic and offered up so many free snacks and drinks (including beer and wine) that nobody seemed to mind too much. Kudos to Independence Air for turning a potentially aggravating situation into one that makes us want to fly with them again.

Anyway, we ended up spending about 2 hours on the plane and Fiona was a darling. She didn’t seem phased at all by takeoff and landing, she didn’t complain about her ears hurting at all and we was generally pretty easy to keep entertained.

The flight back on Tuesday was a little tougher. She was looking out the window during takeoff and was a little frightened. She clung to me but didn’t make any noise and was fine just moments after we left ground. For some reason she was a little more restless and much harder to keep entertained. We took several walks up and down the aisle and tried all the books and snacks we had. Altogether though she was pretty good on the return flight too and we really shouldn’t complain at all.

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