Bike RideRode my bike down

Bike Ride

Rode my bike down to Mt. Vernon with Thom this afternoon. Beautiful day. Stopped and had lunch at the newly renovated facilities down there. It’s about a 22 mile round trip between home and Mt. Vernon, and it usually takes Thom and I about an hour in each direction. It’s a beautiful ride, but there are lots of small hills and sometimes the trail can get congested on weekends. We’re going to do the same ride again Thurs. morning.

Time Off???

Got an email this morning from Max, who is the new lead of the TechDome here at the Fool. Basically it said that if I help wrap up a couple small things I don’t have to keep coming into work through the end of the WARN period (the 60 layoff notice period.) Wow, I could have the whole month of November off while still getting a paycheck. I’ve been thinking some of what I could do with that time. Hmmm….. more on this later probably.

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