Fiona and I had Trade Joe’s frozen chicken lasagna for dinner this evening. As it was going round and round on the microwave turntable I explained to Fiona how it was still cold (Fiona: “cold!”) and we had to wait until it was hot (Fiona: “aht!”) before we could eat it and that it would be yummy (Fiona: “mmmmm”.) I pointed at the picture on the box and then to the spinning lasagna and back saying lasagna. Didn’t take her long to pick up on the idea. I guess the first syllable is pretty hard, but she got the last two down pretty good by the time the “anya” was ready.

Eating was a whole other experience. She settled for my feeding her for a little bit, but then she insisted of having the spoon (“poon”) and feeding herself. Well, the noodles fell off at pretty much every attempt, but fortunately the ricotta cheese sticks to the spoon even when you turn it sideways.

There was a lot of cleaning up afterwards.

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