Moon and Stars

Wednesday evening I got around to finally putting up the moon and star lights that we got at Ikea over the weekend. One star light on both sides of the moon light, on the wall over her dresser. Once I was done I turned off the room light, turned on the moon & stars and went to grab Heather and Fiona. I carried Fiona into her room with my hand over her eyes for the big reveal. Her reaction was priceless. Her eyes opened wide, her mouth opened wide and she was just silent for a brief moment. Then commenced a lot of pointing and “OH!”s and “MOON!” and “STAH!” (apparently the r sound is a little tough.)

Before we started the bedtime routine that night I turned off the moon and one of the stars. I figured I’d leave one of them on as a night light and see how it went. But when we walked into the room for the bedtime bottle and books she pointed emphatically at the turned-off lights and exclaimed “Uh-Oh!” So the moon and other star got turned back on pretty quickly (I’m a soft touch sometimes.) Storytime didn’t go as smoothly as usual, instead of paying attention to the books she spent the whole time staring up at the lights as I read. Fortunately she was tired and fell asleep despite the distraction. I left one of the star lights on and she slept through the night.

So it’s a couple days later at this point and the novelty of the lights hasn’t diminished any. She will let me turn them off at bedtime now, but not before we wave and say “bye bye” to each one individually.

We still have the mobile from Ikea to hang, maybe this weekend.

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