Saturday afternoon Mom, Dad, Fiona and I drove down to Ikea. I hadn’t been in a few years and they’ve added several more kid-friendly attractions since then. (Or maybe I’m just noticing them now that I have a child.) Fiona isn’t big enough to go in the big playroom with the older kids. However, there is a special rubber-ball playarea just for little kids. Think of a 10 foot by 10 foot sandbox filled about a foot deep with light rubber balls the size of baseballs. Fiona was pretty uncertain about the whole thing when we first set her in it, but after a while she was having fun throwing balls and sprawling on them.

Around the corner from the ball pit is the kiddie furniture and toy area. This is basically an amusement park for kids her age. She went down the slide several times and had a great time rocking on the little rocking reindeers. She also had fun climbing up onto the chairs and benches and sitting at the different kiddie-sized tables. They also have a little castle she could crawl into and look out the windows at us. I think we could have spent hours there without her getting bored.

Fiona got a table, chairs and stools to play at. Grandma and Grandpa S also got her a couple start-shaped lights and a moon-shaped light for her bedroom wall.

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